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“That There May Be Glory in The Church” – Apostle Prof. Ohene-Kyei (Rtd)

The former Winneba Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Professor Peter Ohene-Kyei (Rtd) has admonished believers to make conscious effort to ensure that the glory of God does not depart from the Church.

Apostle Ohene-Kyei said this at the 2021 Ministers and Wives’ Conference (Greater Accra Region) which is currently underway at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh, near Kasoa.

Delivering a sermon on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, on the theme, “That There May Be Glory in the Church,” based on Ephesians 5:20-21, Apostle Ohene-Kyei noted that “God desires to constantly reveal His glory in the lives of His people. However, we must make conscious effort to maintain the glory by walking in holiness and the light of the word of God so that the glory will not depart.”

Apostle Peter Ohene-Kyei, who is also a former Rector of the Pentecost University, revealed that the word ‘glory’ which is translated from the original Hebrew word “Kabowd” connotes splendour, honour, beauty, magnificence, strength, and greatness. He, therefore, indicated that “if a person carries the glory of God, that person is excellent, beautiful, magnificent and has splendour.

Reading from Genesis 45:13, he explained that “because Joseph carried the glory of God, Pharaoh did not want Joseph to leave Egypt but insisted that Joseph invites his father and his entire family to come and live with him in Egypt.”

“The glory of God made Joseph an excellent man, loved by Pharaoh and all the Egyptians. So if we carry the glory of God, we will be unique in all our endeavours and the world will behold the glory of God in our lives and seek to know God,” he stressed.

Apostle Ohene-Kyei added that the glory of God in a church is not seen in the beauty of its edifice, or the vastness of its auditorium. He, however, said that “the early believers did not worship in magnificent auditoriums, but people came from far and near to witness the spectacle of God’s glory and the power of His might at work in them.”

He further expounded that “the glory of God in the church is marked by holiness and purity. It is also a place where worship and sacrifice flow spontaneously without compulsion. The glory of God in a church is also marked by the constant communication of the gospel and vibrant evangelism. When the glory of God is present in the church, there is the experience of the supernatural power and manifest presence of God.”

He, however, cautioned that “Paul’s prayer in Ephesians denotes that the glory of God can depart from the church, therefore, let us all as believers ensure with all steadfastness that the glory does not depart from the church.”

“The believer who wants to maintain the glory of God in their lives must cross the lines of comfort and worldly pleasure into a place of holiness and purity, and strive to be revived constantly,” he concluded.


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