That There May Be Glory In The Church – Apostle Dr Christian Tsekpoe 2

“That There May Be Glory In The Church” – Apostle Dr Christian Tsekpoe

The Resident Minister of A-Lang Worship Centre in the Odorkor Area of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Dr Christian Tsekpoe, has urged believers to strive to live holy lives so that the glory of God will remain in His Church.

Apostle Tsekpoe said this on Sunday, December 6, 2020, when delivering a sermon on the topic, “That There May Be Glory in The Church,” based on Ephesians 1:1-23.

He stated: “Light and darkness cannot coexist, in that same way; sin and glory cannot dwell together. Where there is sin, the glory of God leaves the church, but when the people live in holiness, God’s glory rests mightily in the church.”

He revealed that the word ‘glory’ which is translated from the original Hebrew word “Kabowd” connotes splendour, honour, beauty, magnificence, strength and greatness. He, therefore, posited that “if a person carries the glory of God, that person is excellent, beautiful, magnificent and has splendour.”

He further expounded that every believer is a representative of God on earth. “Therefore, the world’s view or opinion of God depends to a large extent on how far His glory is seen in the church. So, if we want the world to have a good reputation of God, then, let us strive to maintain His glory in the church,” he stated.

Reading from Ephesians 5:27, Apostle Tsekpoe noted that the glory of a church is not seen in the beauty of its edifice, or the vastness of its auditorium, saying, “The early believers worshipped in dilapidated buildings and huts, however, people came from far and near to witness the spectacle of God’s glory and the power of His might at work in them.

“This is because, the church was pure and holy, and God dwelled among them. Therefore, holiness and purity is the true mark of a glorious church.”

He concluded by saying that “if the world sees the glory of God in the church, they will run to us and when we speak to them of God, they will believe because they can see in us the glory of God and His power at work. It is then, that we can indeed possess the nations for Christ.”

He urged all believers to uphold purity so that there may be glory in the church.

Report by John Abban.

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