Tamale Area Pastorate & Wives Schooled On Emotional Stability WEB

Tamale Area Pastorate & Wives Schooled On Emotional Stability

The Tamale Area of The Church of Pentecost organised a seminar on emotional stability for ministers and their wives in the area.

The event, which took place on Thursday, May 11, 2023, was facilitated by Elder Eric Agyapong, the Head of Mental Health at the Tamale Metropolitan District of the Ghana Health Service (GHS).

During his presentation, Elder Eric Agyapong emphasized the importance of ministers and their wives demonstrating a high level of emotional stability. He highlighted that emotional stability builds self-esteem and portrays maturity.

He further explained that the absence of emotional stability in the daily interactions of Church leaders with their members and officers can create a perception of chaos and mental or psychological weakness.

Referring to Proverbs 24:10, he emphasized that one’s emotional stability is tested in times of adversity or provocation. Therefore, ministers and their wives must be conscious of their reactions in such situations, as they are closely observed by those they interact with.

The Mental Health Officer then took the audience through the various stages of the grieving process.

He stated that the first stage is denial, followed by aggression or anger, and then bargaining. Other stages include acceptance, which, if not achieved, can lead to fixation at the depression stage and result in serious mental health issues.

Giving special attention to the Minister’s Wife, Elder Eric Agyapong explained that she must first understand herself as a woman. Women experience various changes in their bodies on a regular basis, such as pregnancy, menopause, and menstruation, which can lead to mood swings due to hormonal fluctuations.

He further advised that the minister’s wife must also recognize her roles as a pastor’s wife, a mother, a ministry partner, and sometimes a career woman. She must intentionally equip herself to respond appropriately to the various stressors she may encounter from different aspects of her life. By doing so, she can protect her marriage, relationships, and ministry, he noted, while adding that “the grace of God will be sufficient.”

Among the attendees at the seminar were Apostle Sylvester Arhin (Tamale Area Head and Executive Council Member) and his wife, Mrs. Regina Arhin, as well as Pastor Bernard Aziz Mohammed Abogorago (Area Secretary).

Report by Overseer Isaac Kwabena Tagoe (Assistant Area Reporter)

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