Tamale Area Organises 4-Day Pastors & Wives' Retreat web

Tamale Area Organises 4-Day Pastors & Wives’ Retreat

A four-day retreat was organised for ministers and wives in the Tamale Area of The Church of Pentecost from November 28 to December 1, 2023.

This retreat, initiated by Apostle J. B. K. Tawiah, the Tamale Area Head, aimed to equip ministers and their wives for effective service. It also served as an orientation for newly posted ministers and wives and an avenue to introduce the Church’s theme for 2024 to them.

Addressing the participants, Apostle J.B.K. Tawiah introduced the 2024 theme, emphasising its focus on empowering and unleashing the entire church to transform their world with the values and principles of the kingdom of God.

Drawing inspiration from 1 Peter 2:9 and Acts 1:8, he described the church as a people of God carrying the Holy Spirit as their source of power for extraordinary exploits.

Quoting Chairman of the Church, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, Apostle Tawiah rechoed the call for a revival, stating, “What the church desperately needs is not just another new denomination or branch of the church, neither is it conferences and seminars nor better machinery and organisations. What the church needs now is fire – fire to awaken itself from its sleep.”

To achieve this, the Tamale Area Head urged ministers and wives to depend on the power of the Holy Spirit, acknowledging God’s faithfulness for the first phase of the “Possessing the Nations” agenda.

In the face of attempts to sideline God from human affairs, Apostle Tawiah asserted that the church must be portrayed as a credible community reflecting Christ’s radiance everywhere. This portrayal, he said, would help the church serve its dual purpose: being called out to God and sent back to transform the world.

Providing the rationale of the “Possessing the Nations” Agenda (Phase 2), Apostle Tawiah explained that the rationale for Vision 2028 aims to build the Church as Christ’s beautiful bride and God’s end-time militia, fully prepared and unleashed into enemy territories.

Emphasising the strength of the church, which constitutes over 10% of Ghana’s population, its solid spiritual foundation, strong governance, administrative structures, and its broad reach spanning over 150 nations, Apostle Tawiah intimated that it was time for the church to unleash its power for national and global transformation.

After outlining the thematic areas of the theme, Apostle Tawiah concluded his message by placing particular emphasis on the term “Unleashed,” signifying becoming an unrestrained, strong, and unstoppable force. To be unleashed as a church means releasing the tremendous power within for the transformation of nations (2Cor. 10:2-4), a call for every member of the church to engage in a form of ministry to contribute to the transformation of nations for God.

Various topics were covered during the four-day event, and prayers were offered for the Tamale Area, the leadership of the Church, and the nation. The meeting was attended by ministers and wives from the 36 districts of the Area.

Report by Tamale Media Team

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