Swedru Wawase District Mission House Dedicated web

Swedru Wawase District Mission House Dedicated

Apostle Derek Kwaning Mireku, the Agona Swedru Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, has dedicated a newly built mission house for the Swedru Wawase District of Agona to the glory of God.

Present at the service were the pastorate of the area and their wives, including Mrs. Elizabeth Mireku, the wife of the Area Head.

Pastor E.K. Appiah (who initiated the project), Pastor Peter Sackey (the current District Pastor), and some officers within the area also graced the occasion.

The mission house project started in April 2021 after the creation of the District from the Swedru Mahodwe District. It took two years and four months to bring the project to completion.

Speaking at the dedication service, Pastor Patrick Bremansu of Mahodwe District admonished the church to be wholly committed to God in all their endeavors.

Referring to 1 Corinthians 6:13, he implored that just as buildings and other properties are dedicated to God, “our very personalities must also be dedicated to the service of God at all times.”

He explained that the body is not meant for sexual immorality or other forms of perverse lifestyles, but for service to God without any restrictions.

He observed that God inhabits the believer’s body as His temple and desires that the body be used to His glory, similar to the mission house.

He encouraged everyone to consider their bodies and lives as spiritual buildings dedicated to God, with a special mission of expanding spheres for the Kingdom.

The mission house comprises four bedrooms, a dining area, a hall, a kitchen, and an attached security post.

The total cost of the project was GH₵ 399,295.50. Out of this amount, the Church’s headquarters supported the project with GH₵ 272,000.00, the District contributed GH₵ 93,000.00, and other individuals provided support amounting to GH₵ 9,600.00.

Report by Swedru Area Media Team

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