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Statistical Reporting Training Organised For Church Leaders

The Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost has collaborated with the Statistics department at the Church’s Headquarters to provide training for the area pastorate, district secretaries, and presiding elders in statistical reporting.

The one-day seminar, held on November 9, 2023, drew 188 participants from the 24 districts in the Area.

The Church Statistician and lead facilitator for the event, Elder Daniel Tetteh, spoke on “Effective and Comprehensive Reporting,” emphasising the importance of “membership due diligence” in reporting.

He advised that, for thorough, accurate, and comprehensive reporting, the church leadership at the grassroots, namely the local assembly, should strictly adhere to using the church register, maintaining proper record-keeping practices, submitting monthly reports, and ensuring the ratification of all reports by the local and district presbyteries.

According to him, the records provided play a crucial role in the decision-making processes of the church leadership.

Drawing from years of experience, he lamented that reporting errors often result from inefficient record-keeping, disregard for the standard statistical reporting format, and failure to meet deadlines for the submission of periodic reports.

He stressed the importance of removing “ghost” names from the church membership figures to maintain accurate statistical records.

Elder Daniel Tetteh further encouraged the use of meticulous follow-up mechanisms, intensive pastoral care, and shepherding to address membership attrition, which he referred to as the “back-door syndrome.”

Report by the Agormanya Area Media Team

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