Stand Up For Jesus In Difficult Times – Apostle Etrue Urges Leaders jj

Stand Up For Jesus In Difficult Times – Apostle Etrue Urges Leaders

Apostle Mike Kwame Etrue, an Executive Council Member of The Church of Pentecost who also doubles as the Kaneshie Area Head of the church, has entreated church leaders to be resolute in their walk with God in the face of difficulties.

He disclosed that the world is full of darkness and evil, but in the midst of all that God expects leaders to stand out to confront the ills of society.

Apostle Etrue said this on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, when preaching at the ongoing Kaneshie Area Officers’ Retreat dubbed ‘Apostolisation’ at the Kaneshie Central Auditorium on the topic, “Righteousness: The Authority of the Kingdom” – Proverbs 13:34: Romans 14:17.  

According to him, the world is confused because sin has engulfed the entire society. However, he said, “God is looking for leaders who can stand up for Jesus in times of difficult situations.

He was worried that although Christians form the majority of the Ghanaian society, representing about 73% of the entire population, the nation is in a sorry state as evil abound in every sphere of the society. He mentioned corruption which is found at every level of the society, over-invoicing, and other vices which are destructive to the economic wellbeing of the nation.

He believes that politicians can never change Ghana, but only God can turn the fortunes of the nation around. He added that God wants to use born-again Christians as a tool to change the nation. “So as church leaders, God expects us to portray acts of righteousness, live a righteous life and wear a dress of righteousness to transform the nation,” he stressed.

Apostle Etrue also charged Christians to speak out against the ills of society. He mentioned that to have the moral authority to attack the evil deeds in the country, believers should themselves be blameless and live righteous lives, by which they will have the guts to correct the wrongs of society.

“God wants people who can stand the test of time. When Christians do not speak out against the sins around them, others would easily misconstrue that indifference for a sign of their approval of the rots in the nation,” he pointed out.

He added: “We should stand up for Jesus. If we do not, sin will overrule society and even in the church. We should be concerned about what goes on around us, not only in the church but in the country, else their evil actions will affect the church and the whole nation.”

The Kaneshie Area Head further noted that as people in constant relationship with God, Christians are expected to live a life that conforms to God’s will to help them exercise spiritual and moral authority to correct the world of its injustice and cruelty.

He defined righteousness as a behaviour that is morally justifiable or right before God.

Reading Ephesians 6:14, he revealed that righteousness is like a breastplate that should be worn by all believers to avoid being overcome by sin.

“The breastplate signifies moral character and the believer’s defense. It protects the heart from evil, and also helps our responses to evil with righteoous acts.

“The righteous person wearing the breastplate of righteousness will never fall into sin. The church is looking out for leaders who can overcome sin, not those who are dabbling in sin,” he said.

Citing Noah, Daniel, and Job, the three righteous persons that God himself vouched for in the Bible, he said the trio stood out for the Lord in the midst of evil in their generations which caused God to vouch for them (Ezekiel 14:12-14).  

“God is looking for people he can vouch for them,” he said, adding, “We want leaders who can endure to the end in the face of challenges.”


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