Spotlighting Gideon Ntumy – An Unleashed Praise Powerhouse In The Church Of Pentecost


The month of November is strategic on the calendar of activities in The Church of Pentecost. This is the month characterized by aggressive evangelism, conscious outreaches, deliberate soul winning, and intentional propagation of the gospel.

From local assemblies through to the national level, different activities are rolled out aimed at lifting Jesus up, drawing men to Himself, depopulating hell, and snatching many from the fire of damnation.

A prominent feature on the annual evangelistic calendar is what I describe as Pentecost Crusades – a massive mobilization of heralds of the gospel within a designated location who invade a targeted geographical area for a number of days to preach Christ and him crucified for the salvation of souls.

Most of these Pentecost crusades are characterized by the mobilization of enthusiastic patrons, dispensing and enjoyment of soul-inspiring music, and the ministration of the unadulterated word of God as well as the demonstration of God’s power.

Talking about music during these crusades, particularly those staged at the national level, one cannot help but admire one voice that is gradually cementing himself as an unleashed vocal power for most Pentecost crusades – MINISTER GIDEON NTUMY.

In this article, I attempt to reflect on the ministry of Gideon Ntumy, a member of the music team of the National Evangelism Ministry of The CoP.

My reflections are based on personal observations of Gideon from far and near and will touch on his vocal prowess, versatility, energy, stagecraft, and his anointing.


The vocal ability of Gideon Ntumy is unique and walks in a class of its own. Unlike the very refined voices at opera theatres or the dazzling expressions at jazz events, Gideon’s husky voice is a perfect fit for a praise don within that sphere. His ability to hit low notes without flattening and transition into high pitches seamlessly is touching. His chest control and ability to take deep breaths to pick up vocal lines, considering the number of songs during such praise sessions and the pace of the rhythm of the songs, and yet still keep a progressive vocal range, is admirable. It is very rare to note that he has lost his voice. There seems to be an enduring strength that powers his vocal cords, no matter how intense he strains and the number of days he stands singing for long durations.


A careful observation of the ministry of Gideon Ntumy leads to the conclusion of a versatile minstrel. Gideon’s sense of adaptation and adoption to any kind of audience in any kind of environment is worthy of commendation. His ability to learn different praise medleys in diverse languages and skillfully articulate them while on the stage leaves his audience awed. Like an exceptional footballer, Gideon can play left and right on the praise pitch without missing chances, mistiming passes, or creating avoidable infringements.


Gideon is a perfect description of energy defined, explained, and unveiled. His very personality emits sweet energy. Even though he wears a calm disposition when encountered one on one, he looks different when on stage. Like a warrior dressed for battle, Gideon comes to the stage self-motivated, ready for praise combat and executes with such finesse and photo finish. His energy levels are like a professional athlete running a long marathon with no end in sight. In fact, for Gideon, the momentum levels increase as the praise sessions progress to the extent that time becomes the reason for a pause. Otherwise, he can go on and on with no end in sight.


One of the unique traits of every great praise leader is his or her stage craft. Stage craft, as I understand, refers to how the minister is able to interpret the ministration, make meaning to his or her audience, and connect with the subject matter of the performance. Gideon’s stage craft is phenomenal, a beautiful sight to behold, a magnetic attraction of one who clearly shows that he is into what he is doing. Gideon defines passion with flawless precision. A look at Gideon, and one wonders how he does the things he does on stage. From his swinging movements coupled with his skipping abilities to the tip-toeing steps from end to end interspersed with his intermittent jumps, Gideon shows that he is in control of the session, driving his audience along an unforgettable praise road show. Indeed, one cannot be bored when Gideon is on the stage.


An encounter with Gideon Ntumy does not elongate before coming to the realization that he has been anointed for this purpose. The Psalmist notes that God found his servant David and anointed him with his holy oil. The writing is clear on the wall that the ministry of praise has anointed and chosen vessels, and Gideon is surely one of them. For no one can do such things except God be with him. This is the anointing that springs out of this praise powerhouse – Gideon Ntumy. The anointing is expressed in how he effortlessly connects song after song, stresslessly weaves medley after medley, and colorfully echoes classical Pentecostal sounds amidst scintillating contemporary rhythms to awaken joy in the hearts of congregants. Indeed, one must be anointed for this level of grace and display as revealed in Gideon Ntumy.


The purpose of this article is an attempt to spotlight the profound ministry of Gideon Ntumy as an unleashed praise powerhouse in The Church of Pentecost. In his writing to the Church in Corinth, Apostle Paul recognizes Stephanus, Fortunatus, and Achaicus as refreshers of his life and ministry (1 Cor. 16: 17-18). The ministry of Gideon Ntumy can also pass as a refreshing well worth every recognition to the Lord’s glory.

Written by Pastor Kwasi Asante Annor (General Manager, PENT TV)

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