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Sogakope Area Organizes Maiden Apostolization Retreat

Sogakope Area of The Church of Pentecost in the Volta region of Ghana, under the leadership of Apostle Isaac Tetteh Juddah, held her maiden Officers retreat (Apostolisation) from February 13 to 16, 2019 at the Bethel Prayer grounds.

The main speakers for the event were Apostle John Appiah Aidoo (Tarkwa Area Head) and Apostle Daniel Noble Atsu (Retired). Apostle Aidoo was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Juliana Appiah Aidoo.

Speaking on the topic: Marriage and Family Life with scripture references from Genesis 1:26-27, Luke 2:42-52, among others, Apostle Appiah Aidoo admonished Christians to live responsible family lives.

In his sermon, the Tarkwa Area Head explained that, in the wisdom of God, Jesus was born into a home where he was well catered for.

“Jesus grew in stature because he was well catered for by his parents,” he said.

He advised parents to learn from Joseph and Mary who took good care of the boy Jesus and ensured that He grew up in wisdom, emphasizing that: “transformation begins from the home”.

He further explained that real transformation is tied to responsible parenting because when the home is transformed, the church is transformed, when the church is transformed, society is transformed and when the society is transformed the nation becomes transformed.

Apostle Appiah Aidoo advised parents to take good care of their children and not shirk their parental responsibilities.

He, therefore, called on parents to plan their families since God expects every Child to be well catered for.

Touch Christian marriage, Apostle Appiah Aidoo said that every Christian marriage must reflect Christ. He also said that Christian couples should ensure that their marriages work at all cost and never contemplate divorce because God hates it.

He advised Christians to look beyond cultural challenges and love one another, plan together and to forgive when the need arises.

“Christian couples must compliment each other’s efforts with loving words,” he added.

Apostle Aidoo ended his message by reiterating that all Christian couples to model themselves after Christ and not on negative cultural practices. This, he said, is because Jesus’ culture, which he termed as “Supra culture,” supersedes all.

Report By: Pastor Solomon Yennumi Dong

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