She Heard, She Came, She Saw, And She Was Transformed:  Reflections Of The Church Of Pentecost Ministry To Celebrities


It appears that the universal church and other para-church organizations, in all their ministry outlets, have often abandoned celebrities when it comes to fulfilling the great commission in their past ministry efforts. Though the church is blessed to have a handful of celebrities among its members, a dedicated and organized ministry effort geared toward reaching out to celebrities has not yet been deployed.

The influx of celebritism, a distressing social disorder where a person seeks to achieve celebrity status without work, has been a concern. Faith communities, especially the church and other para-church organizations, must develop a robust outreach ministry toward winning celebrities.

The Church of Pentecost, the leading Classical Pentecostal church in Ghana, recently unveiled a ministry outlet toward reaching and winning celebrities for Christ Jesus in their new vision dubbed Vision 2028.

Reflecting prayerfully on the vision document of the church and the presentation made by Pastor Michael Laryea Jnr during the Global All Ministers and Wives Conference at the Pentecost Convention Centre, I chanced upon a passage from scripture in 1 Kings 10:1-13. I considered sharing the lessons I gleaned from the passage in this article.

This article will, therefore, attempt to give a brief background to the passage, providing some theological and personal reflections on the encounter between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. Proposed measures the Church of Pentecost and other faith communities must put in place to win and disciple these celebrities are interspersed within the article. In this piece, King Solomon represents the Church of Pentecost, and the Queen of Sheba represents the celebrity or celebrities.


Among all the queens in the Bible, none is as fascinating as the one who came from somewhere on the Persian Gulf to Jerusalem to prove for herself the profound wisdom of Solomon. What she heard from the king’s lips and saw of his wealth and power amazed her. We know nothing of her beauty, but she was certainly all that could be desired in this respect. While this queen’s name is not given in the Bible, Arab writers call her Balkis, and Ethiopian writers name her Makeda. The Abyssinians not only claim her as their ancient queen but also trace the descent of their present king from a son who, these traditions say, was born to her by Solomon. But such a contention is without any Biblical foundation. After her royal visit to Solomon, we read that she returned to “her own Country.”


From 1 Kings 10:1, the Bible says, “When the queen of Sheba heard about the fame of Solomon and his relationship to the LORD, she came to test Solomon with hard questions.” She heard of the king’s fame and his relationship with God, prompting her to journey some 1,200 miles to hear and see him.

God used David to prepare the stage for Solomon’s reign, just as the forefathers of the Church of Pentecost prepared the grounds for possessing the nation’s agenda. Over the past five years, the church has equipped its members, deeming it appropriate to release the tremendous power inherent in the church (the members) to go and transform their world. This is the rationale behind the vision, “Possessing the Nations II” (Unleashing the Whole Church for the Transformation of the World with the Values and Principles of the Kingdom of God).

As members move beyond the frontiers of the church, they are expected to proclaim the good news through two means: their lifestyles (reflecting the values and principles of the kingdom of God) and their lips (via various forms of evangelism).

At the beginning of his reign, Solomon demonstrated the characteristics of an unleashed church. He developed a strong relationship with the Lord and showcased the values and principles of the kingdom of God through his lifestyle. These actions were so impactful, affirming the adage “actions speak louder than words.” The kingdom values and lifestyle of Solomon spread abroad, and many nations heard of his relationship with God. The Queen recognized the connection between Solomon’s wisdom and the God he served when she heard about his fame. Similarly, many nations have heard of the fame of the Church of Pentecost and its connection with the one true God.

However, Romans 10:14-15 states, “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’”

According to the above scripture, the only means by which celebrities can hear the gospel is if the church prepares and goes to them in their world. Solomon’s fame reached the Queen because Sheba was a mercantile city, and Solomon had numerous ships doing business for him. As they engaged in commerce, they also preached about what the Lord was doing in Jerusalem through the wisdom of their king. As the church seeks to unleash its members into all spheres of life, members must be prepared to share the gospel, defend it with the values and principles of the kingdom of God, and proclaim the good news with their lips.


When the Queen discovered the relationship between Solomon and God, she came to him. She arrived with a grand convoy of camels carrying spices, large quantities of gold, and precious stones. However, she brought more than material wealth—she also carried difficult questions.

Similarly, there are numerous celebrities visible on various social media platforms flaunting their wealth, estates, cars, and moving around town in convoys. They gather masses during their events, presenting a cheerful exterior, but deep wounds and voids often lie within them. They seek answers from different aspects of life.

It appears that the church had previously neglected some of these celebrities, leading some to join societies in search of solutions without success. The church is the only hope and answer for these struggling celebrities.

The Queen engaged in a meaningful conversation with Solomon, pouring out all that was in her heart. Solomon, in turn, provided answers to all her deepest questions, demonstrating that nothing was too difficult for the king to explain to her. It is my prayer that the Lord would endow the church (both clergy and laity) with the grace to answer and provide solutions to all the difficult questions and challenges the world and celebrities may present as we reach out to them with the gospel.

Furthermore, the church should establish strong roots in apologetics to effectively reach out to celebrities. Many celebrities have unanswered questions about evolution, Christology, heaven and hell, and the afterlife. Therefore, the church should intensify teachings on apologetics to equip members to provide answers when celebrities raise such questions.

Apostle Eric Nyamekye, in explaining the rationale for the 2024 theme, expressed that for the church to be attractive to the outside world, especially celebrities, and to be an effective force of change in the hands of God, “we have taught that the church must be credible — a glorious church. It must be beautiful to be looked upon by the watching world.” Thus, the church must be morally beautiful and doctrinally pure to attract the watching world.

Moreover, as most celebrities reside in urban centers, a unique approach to ministry in urban areas (the City Church concept) is essential. To stay relevant and make an impact in cities, the church must be willing to embrace change. Some practices of the church may need to be reviewed, as rural values that contributed to past success may prove counterproductive in an increasingly urbanized society.

King Solomon adapted to change by reviewing and improving upon most of the practices initiated by his father. This made his kingdom very attractive and popular. For the Church of Pentecost to forge ahead and be resilient in winning celebrities for Christ, some practices can be reviewed and improved upon to serve the current generation.

The Queen of Sheba witnessed many beautiful and admirable things during her visit to the king. The Church of Pentecost must leverage technology to promote Christian activities. Local assemblies, especially those in cities, should invest in technology to reach out to celebrities everywhere. Traditional methods of conducting services should be adjusted to reflect the tech-savvy orientation of people in the global village. The extensive use of the internet, social media platforms, online Bible schools, YouTube, overhead projectors, and more cannot be overemphasized in this era of unleashing the church to transform the world.

Additionally, due to the interconnectedness provided by PENSA International and various International Missions Blocks, the church must train members to the extent that every Christian (Church of Pentecost member) becomes a missionary wherever they find themselves. For example, well-trained members can reach out to their Facebook friends worldwide with the gospel, even in nations closed to the Christian faith.

The manifestation of God’s power at work in the church can also be an attractive tool to convert celebrities. The demonstration of God’s wisdom in Solomon attracted the Queen of Sheba. The clergy and elders must desire and yearn for the manifestation of the power of God in all their meetings. In its early stages, the Church of Pentecost became attractive to the outside world due to the demonstration of God’s power through miracles, divine healings, signs, and wonders. In Jesus’ ministry, the demonstration of God’s power through healing and various miraculous works drew crowds. If the church is to be attractive to onlookers, we must pray for the church to be filled with the manifestation of the power of God in all our meetings.


Solomon’s wisdom excelled beyond that of the children of the east country. God added countless precious possessions, good administrative and organizational skills, and the magnificence of Jerusalem surpassed the Queen’s expectations. Solomon’s gorgeous palace, attended by servants, ministers, and cupbearers in splendid apparel, along with the beautiful house of the Lord adorned with gold, left the Queen almost speechless.

In the church’s pursuit of winning celebrities and cities for Christ, organizational and administrative lessons from Solomon can be invaluable. Celebrities, accustomed to a certain lifestyle due to their fame, require intentional preparation from the church. Designing and constructing churches to suit the post-modern generation, systematic seating arrangements, tidy facilities, rich sermons (uncompromised gospel), efficient ushering and protocol teams comparable to Solomon’s attendants, can attract and retain celebrities.

The overwhelming external wealth of Solomon left the Queen in awe, confessing that the reality surpassed the fame she had heard. Similarly, for the church to impress celebrities, state-of-the-art musical and audio-visual equipment, a dedicated choir, time management by church leadership, and professional protocol and ushering teams are crucial. Such efforts contribute to a positive experience for first-timers, including celebrities who may be church shopping.

Expressing gratitude for what she had witnessed, the Queen bestowed rare and costly gifts upon Solomon. The church, when well-positioned to reach out to celebrities, can recognize and utilize the inherent talents and gifts of celebrities. By bringing them on board, celebrities can impact their followers with the gospel message, transforming them for Christ.

If the church repositions itself effectively to reach out to celebrities, they, like the Queen of Sheba, carry talents and gifts that, when grounded in Christ, can be used to spread the message of Jesus Christ. These celebrities, with a significant following, have the potential to impact their followers with the beliefs of their newfound faith, leading them to transformation for Christ.


The Queen’s gifts, though seemingly lavish, served as a tribute for what her ears had heard and her eyes had seen. Solomon, in his royal bounty, gave her all her desires, fulfilling her requests. While the material treasures he bestowed upon her were undoubtedly fabulous, the greatest treasure she took back was the spiritual and moral wisdom that God had instilled in Solomon’s heart.

Similarly, when celebrities are won for the Lord through the church, they too will come to the saving knowledge of Christ, becoming part of the family of God. The church, as a vessel of God, unveils His eternal intent and manifold wisdom to them. Celebrities receive salvation for their souls and, above all, the promise of eternal life.

Examining verse 9, one could argue that based on all the Queen saw and how Solomon answered her questions, she experienced transformation. Her proclamation, “Praise be to the LORD your God, who has delighted in you and placed you on the throne of Israel,” revealed a deep understanding of Israel’s covenant relationship with the Lord. While some theologians suggest her confession may only signify recognition of the Lord as Israel’s national God within the context of her polytheistic paganism, it’s plausible that she added Solomon’s God to her pantheon and gradually transformed her worship. Although scripture does not explicitly confirm her transformation, Jesus later commended her during His ministry, implying a transformation of sorts.


The visit of the Queen of Sheba to Solomon provides valuable lessons. Like the Queen heard of Solomon’s wisdom and his relationship with God, the world should recognize the Church not only for its magnificent buildings and social interventions but also for its unwavering relationship with the Lord God Almighty.

Solomon’s foresight in building his palace and the temple of God for the future serves as a lesson for the church. Building tomorrow’s church today with stateliness and excellence is essential for making a lasting impact. Continuous training, especially for the youth, on defending the Christian faith, maintaining hospitality excellence at church premises and members’ homes, and ensuring professionalism in the execution of tasks by protocol and ushering teams are crucial.

The clergy’s attention to music and sound in the church, as well as effective use of social media, is vital. Understanding, practicing, and reaching out to celebrities in their world empower the church to win them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Written by Pastor Emmanuel Opoku Mensah

The writer, Emmanuel Opoku Mensah is a Youth Pastor of The Church of Pentecost and is currently the Area Youth Pastor for La Area and the resident Pastor of Caprice Worship Centre. You may reach him through, or

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