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Sawla Area Launches “Operation One Member, One Discipled Soul” Project

The Sawla Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, on Saturday, October 19, 2019 launched the “Operation One Member, One Discipled Soul” Project.

The launch was performed by the Area Head, Apostle William Ohemeng-Kwakye at the Sawla Central Assembly church auditorium.

Delivering the sermon titled ’Possessing The Nations Through Aggressive Evangelism” with Mathew 24:14, Romans 15:17-20 and Mark 1:38-39 as scripture references, the Area Head echoed that it is a divine mandate of every member of the Church to preach about Christ to every unbeliever.

He emphasised that God is expecting the church ‘’to go and preach the gospel to every creature and He will, in turn, draw the souls unto Himself through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

He mentioned that Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom of Heaven throughout villages and cities with His disciples, because, according to Him, this was the reason why He came down to earth.

Apostle Ohemeng-Kwakye reiterated that, ’Jesus assured the disciples that the message of the kingdom of Heaven must be preached in all nations before the end will come’’.

The nations, he explained, refer to all people groups (tribes) and cultures because “Jesus is the Saviour for all without limitation and discrimination.”

He added that “aggressive evangelism is fuelled by confidence, boldness and the determination of the believer. This is because we were saved to save others for Christ.’’

Citing Apostle Paul as an example of a true believer, Apostle William Ohemeng-Kwakye, he explained that ‘’Paul began to preach the gospel of Christ immediately after his conversion (Acts 9:19-20), he preached the gospel with testimonies of his old lifestyle without shame.’’

He, therefore, encouraged all members not to be ashamed of their past life before accepting Christ for newness in Christ has come to replace the old nature. This, he said, encourages others to be aware that Christ’s love is for all persons and He can transform old life for his glory.

He outlined some evangelism areas to be focused for soul winning during the operation period; schools, market, funerals, shop-to-shop, farming, social media, Fulani’s etc.

Some participants voluntarily opted to evangelise to the Fulani’s in the area while the sermon was in session. These included ministers and officers and they were commissioned by the Area Head. District Ministers have be charged to launch the project as early as possible and commence into operation.

Elder James Algar, an ardent passionate soul winner with special interest in Fulbes (Fulanis), also shared with the audience some of his experiences and testimonies in his efforts to reach out to the Fulbe communities.

The Area Evangelism Leader, Overseer Isaac Acquah outlined the strategies to be deployed for this year’s Operation One Member, One Discipled Soul initiative in the area.

In attendance were all Ministers and Wives, District Executive Committee Members, Area and Districts Ministry Leaders and their Assistants.

Report by Area Media Team

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