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Sawaba District Provides Accommodation For 70-Year-Old Muslim Convert

In a display of compassion, the Sawaba District in the Kintampo Area of The Church of Pentecost has constructed a single-room apartment for a 70-year-old Muslim convert, Madam Fulera Alhassan, who had been abandoned by her family and living in a deplorable state at Suamire, a small community in the Kintampo Municipality of the Bono East Region.

Madam Fulera’s journey to her newfound faith began in 2022 when she embraced Christianity during the “All Ministries Rally” organised by the Sawaba District of The Church of Pentecost. The event marked a significant turning point in her life as she chose to follow Christ’s path.

However, the sorry condition in which Madam Fulera lived became a concern for the church members. Led by the District Minister, Pastor Solomon Anarfo, with support from dedicated individuals, the church embarked on a mission to provide her with a safe and comfortable living space.

The result of their efforts is a beautifully decorated single room that has been generously donated to Madam Alhassan.

The gesture showcases the church’s commitment to its ‘Possessing the Nations’ agenda and exemplifies the spirit of love and inclusion in its community.

Today, Madam Fulera Alhassan enjoys the comfort of her new living space and has become a vibrant member of The Church of Pentecost, reinforcing the message of faith, love, and unity within the congregation.

Report by Sawaba District Media Team.

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