Salvation Through Jesus Christ Is Eternal – Apostle Otu-Nyarko Assures Christians

Salvation Through Jesus Christ Is Eternal – Apostle Otu-Nyarko Assures Christians 

The Finance and Administration Director (FAD) of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Lawrence Otu-Nyarko has assured Christians that salvation through Jesus Christ is not only beneficial on this present earth but also in the hereafter.

“The salvation Jesus gives is not only for the boundaries of this earth or the territories that Christians abode, but it also transcends into the heavens, and He gives a full package of the salvation,” said Apostle Otu-Nyarko, who is also the Resident Minister of D. K Arnan Worship Centre.

Apostle Otu-Nyarko said this on Thursday evening when he preached at the commencement of the 2022 Easter convention on the theme, “Jesus Christ, the horn of salvation,” taken from Psalm 18:2 and Luke 1: 69. at the English Zone at F.S. Safo Temple, Nshorna.

The 2022 English Zone comprises Pentecost International Worship Centre, Sakumono (PIWC-Sakumono), PIWC-Graceland, D. K. Annan Worship Centre, Baatsona Worship Centre, Teshie English Assembly and Nungua English Assembly, among others.

He indicated that the full package of the salvation of the Lord consists of the numerous blessings of the Lord, such as good health, deliverance, and supernatural abilities to do exploits, among others.

He explained that a horn is located on the head of a ruminant and it signifies strength, power, authority, and honour.

According to Apostle Otu-Nyarko, God gave humankind the instruction of taking care of the garden of Eden and working in it (Genesis 2: 15-17), however, man ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which God forbade them not to, hence the fall.

He added that the leaves Adam and Eve used to cover themselves were temporary just as the image of God upon man faded (Romans 3:23). So God helped them by killing an animal and using it to cover their nakedness, adding, “you can only help yourself only to a certain point, however, in the long run, it is only Jesus who can save.”

Apostle Otu-Nyarko further reiterated that man without Christ is sinful, hence the need for a Saviour.

He added that “there is only one name and that name is Jesus, no name can give salvation, it is only Jesus who can save.”

He further explained that the horn symbolised oil, which is used to heal wounds and anoint people and smear the bodies of humankind.

He prayed that the horn of salvation would be the horn of strength, deliverance, protection, promotion and healing in the lives of the members.

“Your only duty is to look up to Jesus Christ; He loves you and has not given up on you. This Easter celebration is an opportunity to get close to Him so that He can undo the bad things done to you.”

Apostle Otu-Nyarko prayed that every congregant would have a testimony after the convention.

Report by Yaa Asantewaah Adu Boahene

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