Salvation Is An Individual Affair – Apostle Dr. Jimmy Markin Asserts web

Salvation Is An Individual Affair – Apostle Dr. Jimmy Markin Asserts

The Evangelism Ministry Director of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Dr. Amos Jimmy Markin, has said that the eternal life that God has promised can only be gained through one’s personal decision to accept Christ as Saviour.

Apostle Dr. Jimmy Markin made this assertion when he delivered a sermon on March 12, 2024, at the CEPS Park in Aflao.

In his sermon, the Evangelism Ministry Director said that securing eternal life is a matter of personal choice. It cannot be forced, coerced, or emotionally manipulated into being. It’s a decision that comes from within.

Speaking at the opening day of the “Aflao for Christ” crusade, Apostle Dr. Markin drew from Mark 10:17-22, highlighting the universal quest for understanding life after death and the path to eternal life.

He stressed that this quest, present in the hearts of unbelievers, needs to be settled once and for all.

Apostle Dr. Markin reminded the congregation of Jesus’s love for all men, even sinners, and clarified that merely doing good deeds does not qualify one for heaven.

He explained that every person is born in sin and thus spiritually dead, unable to inherit the spiritual world. However, God sent His son, Jesus, who died and resurrected for all mankind.

“Now, as the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep, Christ offers resurrection from the dead,” he added.

The Evangelism Director furthermore revealed that everyone who believes in Jesus receives the Spirit of God and inherits eternal life. This belief allows the individual to dwell in that Spirit.

“Eternal life is gained through personal decision. It is not by force, push, or emotions,” he asserted.

He urged the congregation to accept their sinful nature, believe in Jesus Christ as Lord over their lives, and acknowledge Him. In doing so, He will bring His Spirit into their spirit, leading to a spiritual rebirth.

Present at the crusade were Apostle Michael Agyen Brefo (Aflao Area Head), Elder Seth Peasah (El Bethel Prayer Centre), Deaconess Mrs. Philomina Mireku (Women’s Ministry Director), Mrs. Rebecca Aseyero (Wife of Suhum Area Head), Mrs. Rebecca Sey (Wife of Dansoman Area Head), and Deaconess Eunice Obeng (Evangelism Ministry NEC Member).


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