‘Sakawa’ Money Ritualist Surrenders To Christ

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Mr. Patrick Padi, a public transport driver involved in money rituals, surrendered his life to Christ after he was delivered from occultism.

This spectacular event took place on Saturday, October 23, 2021, when his grandmother, Christiana Dedeyo, a deaconess of the Church, led him to the Ahomahomasu District Mission House to be prayed for over a persistent heart problem.

During the prayer session, the District Minister, Pastor Francis Danquah, received a word of knowledge and inquired of the gentleman whether he had been involved in money rituals (popularly referred to as Sakawa in Ghana). Patrick responded in the affirmative and led the minister and the prayer team to his house, where they discovered a ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag containing about 150 bundles of $100 notes; sitting on top of the bag were some cowries tied together with “dwarf hair.’ 

Pastor Dankwa felt a sharp sensation in his body like an electric shock when he attempted to pick up the ritual items. He then rebuked the charm in the name of Jesus, after which he carried the bag to the church auditorium of Grace Assembly with the help of the prayer team. There, they continued to intercede for Mr. Padi in prayer until he broke free from the fetish spell. 

On gaining consciousness, Patrick surrendered his life to Jesus Christ; Pastor Danquah led him to accept Christ as his Lord and Saviour and baptised him in water the next day.

To the dismay of all, the ritual money in the bag transformed from US dollar notes into bundles of white papers.

Mrs. Evelyn Dankwa (wife of the District Minister), Elder Isaac Tetteh, Elder Kwaku Michael, Elder Samuel Donkor and Reindorf Okwabi were the members of the prayer team who assisted Pastor Danquah throughout the ordeal.

Report by Sylvia Henaku (Ahomahomasu District Media Team)

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