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Repentance & Holiness In God Brings Restoration – Apostle Adjei-Kwarteng

Apostle Yaw Adjei-Kwarteng, the Coordinator of the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Committee (ARCC) and an Executive Council Member of The Church of Pentecost, has emphasised that genuine repentance and holiness in God lead to spiritual restoration.

Addressing a gathering of believers today at the Pentecost International Worship Centre, Asokwa, in Kumasi, during the morning session of the ongoing ‘Greater Kumasi For Christ’ Crusade, Apostle Adjei-Kwarteng, also the Bomapata Area Head of The Church, stated that Christians can mimic Christ’s character through repentance and holiness.

Speaking on the topic: “The Restoration of The Character of Christ: A Call To Repentance And Holiness,” with scripture references from 1 Peter 15:16 and 2 Chronicles 7:13-18, the Bompata Area Head said that restoration signifies God’s intervention in aiding His people.

Quoting Numbers 6:26-27, he noted the profound impact of God’s illuminating presence, which is akin to His face shining upon individuals.

He drew a parallel between the hiding of God’s glory due to human sin and the subsequent closure of the heavens, leading to spiritual famine and adversity.

Apostle Adjei-Kwarteng further explained that the withdrawal of God’s favor comes before restoration, stating that, “This withdrawal serves as a precursor to a time of famine, plague, and hunger—a period when nothing appears to flourish in one’s life.”

Using the analogy of sunshine and photosynthesis, he conveyed that just as sunlight is necessary for life on earth, God’s favour is essential for spiritual vitality.

The ARCC Coordinator also underscored the significance of the Church’s return to the path of righteousness and godliness.

According to him, genuine adoration of God and His blessings requires a transformation within the Church society.

“Restoration takes place when the Church re-embraces the ways of righteousness, thus drawing closer to God’s intended purpose,” he remarked.

The Bompata Area Head also elaborated on the dual nature of repentance—both a one-time renewal of the mind and an ongoing process.

He referenced 1 John 1:8-10, emphasizing that the presence of godliness is crucial for restoration within the Church.

“Mimicking God’s character is principal; it aligns us with His divine attributes,” he asserted.

Exploring the concept of holiness, Apostle Kwarteng used James 1:13-16 as a basis to explain God’s absolute purity and separation from evil.

“God does not look at any standard to determine his Holiness. He is the standard!,” he reiterated.


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