Prophecy, Its Fulfillment, Our Role & God’s Sovereignty

The subject of PROPHECY remains a very sensitive and tricky field to tread on when it comes to faith and spirituality. Despite the great contribution of this gift to the body of ministry, it continues to remain a platform shrouded with controversies, unanswered questions, and many what-ifs.

This treatise is not intended to provide a comprehensive theological exegesis on the subject matter but rather to highlight a few issues for our consideration in light of the consistent emergence of “prophetic videos” whenever prominent people become victims of circumstances.

First of all, we need to acknowledge that prophecy exists and it is part of the spiritual pathways through which God engages with humanity in order to communicate a promise, an encouragement, a warning, or an impending issue. Through the pages of the scriptures, prophecies are laced line upon line, precept upon precept. However, we need to note that the complexities of the spirit-world create several prophetic channels that can either be godly or ungodly. In other words, while God, who is Spirit, speaks, we also need to recognize that other spirits speak. Source and discernment are, therefore, critical in the reception and processing of prophecies.


Several factors come into play towards the fulfillment of every prophecy. Fundamentally, all prophetic words coming from God himself are bound to come to pass except by God’s permissive will, if He chooses to change His mind as in the case of Hezekiah (Isaiah 38). Again, with the understanding that other spirits also prophesy, one would need to contend in prayer for a high Spirit and, in this case – the Holy Spirit, to avert any unfavorable prophetic utterance from manifesting. The reason for this is to ensure that Satan does not leverage on the prophetic channel to cause mayhem and frustrate God’s agenda for our lives.


Referring to Apostle Paul’s admonition to Timothy and Daniel’s research in the volume of the books regarding the emancipation of Israel from exile, there is a place of intercession either to curtail a prophetic fulfillment or cause a prophetic manifestation. This is within the prerogative of Elohim as a means of drawing us to Himself in order to strengthen our dependence on Him. It also helps shape our appreciation of the outcome of the case, knowing how we might have had to stretch to see God intervene.


This is where it can be very tricky – the Sovereignty of God within the prophetic landscape. The truth is that God is God and certain things lie in His bosom. It is His exclusive right and will which humanity do not have rights to want to know, understand, or comprehend. In other words, prophecies notwithstanding, God chooses the hows to deal with each and every one of us, and if He has a blueprint towards one person’s life, very little can be done except our yieldedness, alignment, and submission to say …not my will but let yours be done.


Know God for yourself and maintain the confident assurance that He speaks to you; hence, get to know His voice.

Gauge the prophecies with what God has spoken in scripture and to you at your secret place to either affirm and/or otherwise.

Do not treat any negative utterance against yourself with ease. Contend in prayer and intercession to the max. Sometimes, human elements can orchestrate negativity as a means of validating their prophecies. Being alert and vigilant is key, which includes watching the company you keep, where you eat and drink, and even sleep, etc.

Like Paul, commit your life into God’s hands with the firm assurance that He is able to keep that which is committed into His care because there would always be uncontrollable variables in your life. Keeping yourself in God’s hands brings the confidence that in God, all things work together for good.

Have the mindset consistently that we live for Christ but death is gain because no matter what, we will die anyway. Prophet Agabus and the daughters of Philip the Evangelist prophesied suffering and pain for Paul (Acts 21:9-13) yet Paul was adamant and still went to Rome. Was he being disobedient to the prophecy? I don’t think so. Did it invalidate the prophecy? Not at all. Rather, he had committed his life to God and therefore was an already “deadman” living on earth.

May the Sovereign continue to have mercy and grant us understanding.

Written by Pastor Kwasi Asante Annor (General Manager, Pent TV)

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