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Prayer Is Our Heritage – General Secretary Reminds Christians

Apostle Samuel Gyau Obuobi, the General Secretary of The Church of Pentecost, has asserted that prayer remains the heritage of Christians.

He has, therefore, called on believers to keep to prayer as it has immense implications.

He noted that prayer should be an integral part of the daily routines of Christians until their last breath.

Apostle Gyau Obuobi made this known on Sunday, October 22, 2023, at the climax of the Osu District’s one-week fasting and prayer event held at the Osu Central Auditorium from October 16 to 22, 2023.

The event, which was on the theme, “The Local Church Called To Prayer, For Maximum Impact” (Acts 12:5 and 1 Thessalonians 5:17), brought together church members eager to embrace the transformative power of prayer.

The General Secretary highlighted the significance of prayer, touching on several key points.

He drew a parallel between prayer and heritage, likening prayer to something passed down from generation to generation, saying, “In The Church of Pentecost, prayer is not just a tradition but a precious heritage.”

Apostle Obuobi urged the church to guard it and pass it on to future generations, much like Naboth, who refused to relinquish his inheritance.

He noted that in The Church of Pentecost, prayer is a defining feature that sets the church apart, adding, “Prayer is a core element of Pentecostalism, ingrained in our services and lifestyle. Apostolic believers learn the art of prayer and cannot be separated from it, for it is an integral part of Pentecostalism.”

The General Secretary passionately emphasised that prayer acts as a catalyst for revival. He cited the example of the Wesley Brothers, known for their fervent prayer life.

He emphasised that prayer is not optional for Christians but an absolute necessity since it is essential to the Christian disciple’s life. He encouraged the congregation to spend much time praying, reminding them there is no substitute for it.

He referenced Matthew 21:12-13 and Isaiah 56:7, underlining God’s expectation for the church to be a “House of Prayer.”

He disclosed that miracles, signs, and wonders followed when the first church prayed. This principle, he mentioned, remains unchanged, and by continuing in prayer, the church can anticipate remarkable miracles and divine interventions.

Apostle Obuobi concluded by sharing insights into the outcomes of prayer.

He quoted Bill Hybels, stating that prayer is the key to unlocking God’s consistent and prevailing power in one’s life.

“Through prayer, individuals and the church can tap into the divine power,” he admonished.

Apostle Obuobi noted that in prayer, God speaks and directs.

“Prayer is not merely presenting requests to God; it is a channel through which miracles and opportunities are granted,” he declared.

Among those present were Mrs Korkor Obuobi, the wife of the General Secretary, and Pastor Gabriel Owusu and his wife, Priscilla (Osu District Minister).


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