Prayer Is A Power-Filled Ministry – Apostle Agyemang Bekoe Asserts

The International Missions Director (IMD) of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, has said that prayer is a ministry through which the power of God is released upon an individual for maximum impact.

Apostle Agyemang Bekoe said this today when he gave a presentation on the topic: “Prayer Ministry and Evangelism in the Local Church” at the Global Elders’ Retreat at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh.

Reading from Hebrews 5:7, 7:25, the IMD pointed out that Jesus considered prayer as a ministry. “This means ministry is a service. So, if services can be offered and rendered, then prayer can be offered and rendered,” he said.

He explained that when one offers prayers, the rippling effect, which is the power of God, is released upon the vessel praying. He further noted that Christians should model the prayer life of Jesus, our great intercessor.

“When you intercede, you do not offer prayer; you render prayer. If you don’t offer prayer, but render it, you will lose power instead of gaining. Then you will become a spent force. That is why prayer must be offered before being rendered,” he advised.

“If you follow Jesus’ ministry, you would realise that He always offered prayer to God first. After, He comes down to render prayer. In the same way, in the local church, we must offer prayer before rendering it,” he added.

To make evangelism more effective in the local church, the IMD advised church leaders to strive to operate in all nine spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, which he termed as “the Spiritual gift model of evangelism.”

He said that when church leaders operating mightily in these gifts, they would draw more souls to Christ. Other evangelism models Apostle Agyemang Bekoe noted are the “Jesus-Samaritan model” where one engages in one-on-one evangelism (John 4) or one person evangelising to many people known as the “Day of Pentecost model” (Acts 2:41).


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