Possess The Kingdom Of The World For God – Apostle Prof. Koduah Challenges Ministers

Apostle Professor Kwabena Koduah, the Vice-Chancellor of Pentecost University (PU), has urged ministers of The Church of Pentecost to rise and possess the kingdom of the world for God.

Speaking at the 2023 Missions’ Orientation held at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC) in Gomoa Fetteh today, Apostle Prof. Koduah called on ministers to replace worldly ideologies with the principles of the Kingdom of God.

In his enlightening presentation titled “The Nature of the Kingdoms to Possess,” Apostle Prof. Koduah shed light on God’s purpose of reclaiming the kingdoms of the world unto Himself and emphasised that believers have a crucial responsibility to be catalysts in this divine agenda.

“Our mission as missionaries is to facilitate God’s grand plan of reclaiming and restoring the kingdoms of this world unto Himself,” stated Apostle Prof. Koduah.

He cautioned ministers against losing focus and being distracted by peripheral matters that do not align with the core beliefs of a true follower of Christ.

Apostle Prof. Koduah provided valuable insights into the concept of kingdoms, explaining that they consist of groups of people united by a common identity, ideology, or principle, and physical proximity is not a prerequisite for sharing these ideologies.

Highlighting the significance of understanding the workings of kingdoms, the Vice-Chancellor revealed the existence of two distinct cities in the Bible: Babylon and New Jerusalem. He emphasised that Satan reigns as the king of the world, Babylon, while Jesus Christ is the king of the New Jerusalem.

Apostle Prof. Koduah clarified that philosophies and ideologies govern kingdoms, adding, “Disarming a kingdom does not necessarily entail physical destruction, but rather the transformation of the ideologies ingrained in people’s minds.”

To achieve this, he called upon ministers to overcome nations by replacing their ideologies with the principles and values of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. In doing so, the old kingdom will be compelled to yield and make room for God’s reign.

“As Christians, we are sent into the world to supplant worldly principles with the divine values of God,” Apostle Prof. Koduah stressed passionately.

He further cautioned against the pursuit of titles and material possessions, cautioning that these pursuits often undermine the true motives of Christ for the world.

Apostle Prof. Koduah encouraged the missionaries to embrace their role as transformative agents in reclaiming the world for God’s glory.


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