PIWC-Tesano Youth Ministry Donates To Bostal Senior Correctional Centre 

 The Youth Ministry of Pentecost International Worship Centre, Tesano (PIWC-Tesano), has donated some items worth GHS 7,000.00 to inmates of the Senior Correctional Centre in Accra – a detention centre for people under 18 years convicted of criminal or civil offenses.

The items, which included bags of rice, washing soap, cooking oil, bags of water, sporting wear (shorts) and stationery, were presented during a visit by the ministry to the centre last Saturday. The church delegation was led by Elder Joseph Obiri Yeboah (Presiding Elder, PIWC-Tesano) and Elder Jeffery Akurang (Youth Ministry Leader, PIWC-Tesano).

According to the Elder Akurang, the gesture is in line with the five-year strategic vision of the Church (Vision 2023), which seeks to influence and transform every sphere of life with values and principles of the kingdom of God.

In a brief exhortation titled “Having A New Life In Christ,” Elder Obiri Yeboah urged the inmates to surrender their lives to Christ so that He would transform them for the better. He said that regardless of their past mistakes that may have led them to their present state, Jesus is able to change their situation if they would believe and accept a new life in Him. An altar call after the sermon saw 26 inmates making a decision for Christ.

The Senior Correctional Centre, formerly Borstal Institute for Juveniles, is a facility for incarcerated youth below 18 years. The facility serves as a detention center to help these inmates to re-path their courses in life. Detention duration for inmates ranges from three months to three years, depending on the nature of one’s crime or good behaviour.

According to officials of the centre, each inmate lives on a daily amount of GHS 1.80pesewas, which is woefully inadequate and, thus, heavily relies on the benevolence of religious organisations and external individuals to support their operations.

Report by Mercy Mensah

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