Pentecost University College Is Biggest ABE UK Centre In West Africa

The Pentecost University College (PUC), Sowutuom-Accra, has been rated as the biggest ABE UK Centre in West Africa and one of the top 40 centres globally.

According to a statement from ABE UK, students from Pentecost University College are also “listed among ABE’s Global Top Paper Award Winners.”

The statement, signed by Anthony Antagamen, ABE UK Director for West Africa, described PUC as “forward thinking” and an “innovative-led institution” that has worked exceptionally to make quality British Education accessible to hundreds of students in Ghana.

ABE is a UK based professional programme which offers courses like Accounting, Business Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, among others.

Pentecost University College has won a total of 18 ABE UK awards including eight global awards.

Speaking to the Pentecost News, the Rector of PUC, Apostle Dr Daniel Walker, stated: “This is great news for us and we believe it will boost our international image and enhance our charter application.”


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