PCC Revival Climaxes With Intensive Roar All-Night Service web

PCC Revival Climaxes With Intensive Roar All-Night Service

The three-day-long PCC Revival held at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC) at Gomoa Fetteh, was climaxed with a power-packed ‘roar’ all-night service on Friday night, May 17, 2024.

The revival organised to offer patrons the opportunity to have and encounter with God and receive a renewal of strength had word ministrations from Apostle James Kwabena Asare (Kasoa Area Head), Apostle Christian Tsekpoe (Head of Ministerial Formation and Training at the Pentecost School of Theology and Mission (PSTM) of the Pentecost University), and Apostle Samuel Edzii Davidson (Offinso Area Head).

Elder Gideon Ntumy, Deaconess Nancy Kwafo, Elder Patrick Amoako and the PCC Revival Choir also warmed the services with Holy Spirit-filled song ministrations.

Delivering the last sermon to climax the event, Apostle James Kwabena Asare highlighted the need for a revival in the lives of Christians to transform their world.

He explained that when the disciples were waiting for the Holy Spirit as instructed by Jesus before His ascension into heaven, they did not know when the Holy Spirit would come, who and how it looked like, however they obeyed Him and waited.

He added that while the disciples knew Jesus to be gentle and worked calmly, the Holy Spirit came in with a bit of contrast – as wind and fire.

According to the Kasoa Area Head, the Holy Spirit as a wind, was a sign of the breath of God, invisibility, yet a powerful presence being unstoppable and unpredictable.

On the other hand, he said, the Holy Spirit as fire represented purification, refinery, source of passion, empowerment, energy, attraction and makes all who receive him become a firebrand of God which consumes anything evil and ungodly.

Apostle Asare called on patrons to make it a point to wait upon the Holy Spirit for revival and go out with the revival to transform their world.

To the glory of God some persons who attended the revival with several health conditions received healing from God.

Intercessory prayers were also said for the peace and stability of Ghana during and after the election year.


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