Pastor Miraculously Survives Gunshot In The Eyes2

Pastor Miraculously Survives Gunshot In The Eyes

Pastor James W. K. Annan is a pastor of The Church of Pentecost in charge of the Ajah District in Lagos East Area in Nigeria. He narrates how he was abducted by unknown armed men who shot him in the eyes but was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ:

It all happened on Thursday, 30th July, 2020, when I left the house for lkorodu to convey my daughter who was doing a nursing internship in a hospital at lkorodu.

I set out at about 5:30 AM Nigerian time (04:30 GMT). Whilst waiting for a bus, a Toyota Camry saloon car emerged at the bus stop and the driver called the transit point I was heading to, and so I boarded the vehicle. Inside the car were four passengers, including the driver. In less than ten minutes into the journey, the man sitting beside me at the back seat pounced on me and dislodged me to the middle seat (in between them at the back).

They asked me to cooperate with them as they searched my pocket and removed all the money on me. Then they demanded my ATM card. And I told them that the card was not with me at the moment. They then asked me to give them the ATM PIN, which I did. After that, they asked me to disclose the total amount in my account, which I did. But they said that looking at my age and personality, the money I mentioned wasn’t true. They told me that since I was not forthright with them they were going to dump me at their base and my people will rather beg them to request the amount they would need to release me.

At that point, they seized my Samsung tablet phone and subjected me to severe beatings. One of them pulled a gun and targeted my right eye and fired it straight at me. All that I could remember was that I shouted JESUS! And as he fired the gun, I heard a blast in my head and slumped dead in my seat.

I did not see anything again for about twenty minutes and while the vehicle was still in motion, surprisingly I regained consciousness. They became frightened, thinking that I have extraordinary charms, so one of them asked me in pidgin English, “Baba na so you be.”

They decided that since I could not die from a gunshot, they would rather send me to their base for me to die over there. However, the one who shot me exclaimed that it was enough and that since I have survived the gunshot, if they take me to their base something strange will happen to them. He continued that this man [referring to me] has shown to be a great spiritual person and it is not every time they can succeed in their expedition.

He then ordered the driver to stop and allow me to go. At his orders, the driver stopped and they opened the door for me to alight and they sped off. 

I had to trek for about 5 miles to a nearby town to see a deaconess of the church for transport support to my house. As soon as I reached home, my two eyes closed completely. I never thought that I could see with my eyes again. However, after three days, my eyes miraculously opened without any surgery of a sort. I have been certified fit by medical doctors.

Jesus Christ is truly a healer. His spiritual operation on me has been awesome. I thank Him for saving my life.


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