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Paralysed Rastafarian Healed, Encounters Christ

Ahmed Challey, a 59-year-old Rastafarian and a Muslim, has been miraculously healed of total paralysis from his waist down.

Ahmed, popularly known as “Rastaman” or “Ojongbong,” became paralysed after he received what doctors later confirmed to be a wrong injection from a local health worker.

According to doctors, the nerves from his waist down had died and that he had been permanently disabled. The desperate man resorted to consulting fetish priests and spiritual doctors for help.

After many months of unsuccessful attempts at regaining his ability to sit, stand and walk, he called for the Minister-in-Charge of the Gbingbani District of The Church of Pentecost to pray for him.

By God’s grace, the dead nerves came back to life after he was prayed for and he received his healing to the glory of God. He gave his life to Christ and cut off all his dreadlocks. He was subsequently baptised in water and is now a member of the Gbong District of the church at Gbankpurugu (Gbong) in the North East Region of Ghana, where he resides.

Report by Pastor Emmanuel Kenin

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