Paradise Worship Centre Oragnises Media Workshop web

Paradise Worship Centre Oragnises Media Workshop

Paradise Worship Centre in the Kasoa Area of The Church of Pentecost held a training programme for the church’s media team yesterday.

The event, which took place at the church premises, aimed at enhancing the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of the media personnel for maximum impact.

Elder Prince Asare, a Senior Editor and Digital Media Strategist, along with Mr. Benjamin Zii, a Photographic Officer, both from Media Ministry of The Church of Pentecost Headquarters, served as the facilitators for the programme.

During the workshop, the facilitators took turns to provide practical insights into church photography, projection and news reporting.

They also stressed the importance of media personnel taking active part in services and also striving for spiritual growth as Church members, saying “As a Church media person, you are a Christian first before anything else.”

Participants had the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge into practice and engage in interactive sessions, where they could ask questions and seek clarifications.

In a brief address, Pastor Francis Broni, the Resident Pastor of Paradise Worship Centre, highlighted the significance of the training and encouraged participants to put into practice the skills they had acquired.

In total, 12 individuals participated in the training programme.

Report by PWC Media Team

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