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Own Vision 2028 – Apostle Kotei Djani Tells Church Elders

The Techiman Area Head and Executive Council Member of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Isaac Nii Kotei Djani, has urged Church Elders to own the new strategic vision of the Church, “Vision 2028,” and to ensure its successful actualisation.

Apostle Kotei Djani said this during a consultative meeting with Elders in the Techiman Area at the Dwomor Central Assembly auditorium.

Addressing the gathering, the Techiman Area Head emphasised the immeasurable value of Elders in The Church of Pentecost, saying: “There cannot be a vibrant Church without Elders. Elders of The Church of Pentecost are so unique.”

He further noted that Elders are catalysts because they effect positive change in the local churches, which is the strength base of the Church.  

He cited practical examples of two Elders who discipled him and helped to unleash his God-given potential from the early days of his life.

Apostle Kotei Djani charged the Elders to pay particular attention to the new ministries introduced by the Church in pursuit of the “Possessing the Nations” agenda, such as the Ministry to Persons with Disabilities (MPWDs), Chaplaincy Ministry, Home and Urban Missions (HUM), Pentecost Workers’ Guild (PeWG), etc.

“These new ministries have made the Church more conspicuous and unique,” he added.

He commended the Church Elders for supporting these new ministries and encouraged them to continue supporting the ministries and to educate the members about them.

Apostle Kotei Djani took the opportunity to explain the rationale behind Vision 2028, dubbed “Possessing the Nations: Phase 2.”

He stated that we serve a visionary God who continues to grant the Church great visions. He said that the vision is now a collective vision of the Church; hence, all must own it and run with it.

He explained that Vision 2023 focused on equipping the Church; however, Vision 2028 focuses on unleashing the “equipped Church” into the world to transform it with values and principles of the kingdom of God.

The Techiman Area Head further noted that the first annual theme under Vision 2028 is “A People of God Unleashed to Transform their World (1 Peter 2:9, Acts 1:8).”

He explained that the 2024 theme seeks to drive home the truth that believers are a chosen people, a Kingdom of priests, a sanctified nation, and God’s special possession.

“God has an expectation for us, and this is to declare His stance, His character and lifestyle of His kingdom,” he said.

According to Apostle Kotei Djani, it does not matter how high one goes in the world of work; one must keep one’s position as a child of God.

Reading from Acts 1:8, he stated that the church cannot be deployed/ unleashed with their physical strength, hence the need to seek the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

“For this reason, we must always yield to the Spirit of God for power to transform our worlds,” he said.

Report by Techiman Area Media Team

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