Tsimtsimhwe Church Building Dedicated

It was a great spectacle when members of the Twifo Agona District in the Dunkwa Area of The Church of Pentecost gathered to witness the dedication of the Tsimtsimhwe Assembly church building.

The church building was dedicated by Dunkwa Area Head, Apostle John Osei Amaniampong, assisted by the District Minister, Pastor Sampson Dzefe and the Dunkwa Area pastorate.

Presenting the brief history of the building at the service, Elder Abraham Donkoh said the Tsimtsimhwe Assembly was established on March 3, 2013, during the tenure of Pastor Francis Amenwondey was the District Minister. Since then the assembly had been fellowshipping in the Tsimtsimhwe D/A Basic School classroom. The construction of the church building began on March 2018 after the assembly received a Community Based Church Building (CBCB) grant of GH₵ 40,000.00.

Through good leadership skills of Pastor Dzefe as well as the hard work, commitment and sacrifice of the entire church membership the church was completed in less than a year at a total cost of GH₵ 46,610.00. Aside from the CBCB grant, offerings from the District and Tsimtsimhwe Assembly also contributed to the successful completion of the project.

Preaching on the topic “Be A Vessel Of Honour” at the service, the Wamaso District Minister, Pastor George Yenabi, admonished Christians to eschew the life of hypocrisy and live for Christ.

Quoting from 2 Timothy 2:19-21, he said that Apostle Paul compared the Church of God to a large house with many items such as gold and silver, wood and clay. However, while some of these items were for noble use, others were dishonourable.

According to him, Paul in his letter urged Timothy to be the kind of person Jesus Christ could use for His noblest purposes.

Pastor Yenabi encouraged Christians to depart from sin and avoid impurity in their lives so that they can be used by the Lord for every good work.

“As Christians, we must become vessels of honour for the expansion of the Kingdom of God” he stated.

Pastor Yenabi said that there are two kinds of believers in the Church; those who are known by God because of their godly lifestyles and those who are unfaithful because of their hypocrisy.

“Not all who are in the fellowship of the church are saved. The fact that your name is written in the Church’s register does not mean your name is enrolled in the book of life,” he said

Quoting from Mark 7:14-23, the Wamaso District Minister cautioned that it is not what goes into a person makes him unclean but rather what comes out of the person.

“Evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, greed, murder makes a person dishonourable. In order to be a vessel of honour, one must depart from sin and make conscious efforts to present him or herself as a living sacrifice, acceptable to God,” he explained.

Pastor Yenabi, therefore, advised believers to uphold their integrity and work out their salvation with fear and all seriousness. He also advised them to purge themselves from all sins.

Bringing his message to an end, Pastor George Yenabi noted that every believer needs the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to become a vessel of honour.

Report by: Pastor Justice Adane Twene, Dunkwa Atechem

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