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Kete-Krachi Area Launches Snake Bite Campaign

The Kete-Krachi Area of The Church of Pentecost on Thursday, June 28, 2018, launched a public education campaign to create awareness about the snake-bite epidemic in the Area.

Speaking at an event to officially launch the campaign at Osramani, the Kete-Krachi Area Head, Apostle Komi Edina Agbavitoh said that increasing rate of snake bite cases in the Krachi area has become very alarming in recent times.

According to him, while some victims recover from the impact of the venom of snake bites, others have tragically lost their lives. He also revealed that 52 members of the Church were bitten by snakes last year, out of which 6 persons unfortunately lost their lives.

“If in The Church of Pentecost alone, 52 members were bitten by snakes in 2017, we cannot imagine the total number of the people who were bitten by snakes in the Kete-Krachi Traditional Area,” he bemoaned.

Apostle Agbavitoh stated that the Church, being an extension of the community, has taken up the responsibility to sensitize and educate both members and non-members on how to curb the menace.

The Kete-Krachi Area Head commended the North Hamburg District of The Church of Pentecost in Germany for donating GH₵12,690.00 to the Area to purchase anti-snake bite medicines to treat persons who are bitten by snakes.

He also revealed that part of the amount would be used to purchase black stones for distribution to all districts in the Area to provide first-aid treatment to snake-bite victims before they are taken to nearby health facilities.

Apostle Agbavitoh ended his address by calling on all and sundry to support the Church’s snake-bite campaign to help deal with the menace in Kete-Krachi Area.

As part of the campaign, the Kete-Krachi Area has put together a snake-bite campaign manual to assist in the public education exercise. The booklet was also unveiled at the event.

Report by: Overseer Isaac Klutse and Pastor Ernest Perbi-Asare, Kete-Krachi Area

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