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Sunyani PIWC Holds Christian Professionals Conference

The Pentecost International Worship Center (PIWC), Sunyani from 12th to 18th November, 2018, organised the 5th edition of the annual Christian Professional Guilds Conference.

The annual conference which was under the theme, “Success, God’s Way,” was aimed at bringing together Christian professionals to impact the world with their knowledge. It also sought to help young people learn how to amplify their influence as young Christian professionals in the workplace and equip them to follow God’s way in their quest to be successful in their endeavours.

Speaking on the final day of the conference on the topic, “The Secrets of Success, God’s Way Through the Life of Joseph,” Professor Stephen Adei (former Rector of GIMPA), charged believers to exhibit their integrity in Christ at their workplaces and homes.

Reading from Genesis 39:4-6, Proverbs 13:11, and Malachi 3:7, the veteran economist and motivational speaker noted that Joseph in his service to God sacrificed great opportunities and ended in a place of confinement.

According to him, Joseph could have traded his integrity for a temporal glory in Potiphar’s house but stood his stance as a believer in odd times which led to his imprisonment and later resulted in fulfilling God’s purpose for his life.

“If we live lives of integrity and faith it will be evident to those around us. Everything was going so well under Joseph’s leadership that Potiphar had no concern for anything but the food that he ate. Potiphar did not have concern for his wife. His wife started looking at Joseph who was young, handsome, and successful and she wanted him.

“Joseph displays the utmost personal integrity in totally rejecting her advances and strives to remind her of his responsibility and commitment to Potiphar, her relationship to her husband, and tells her that to commit adultery is a great wickedness and a sin against God,” he said.

He added: “Upright character is an important ingredient in any person’s life. Character is the guard of a person’s reputation and a necessity for success in any sphere of life. Without it, nations, businesses, churches, and families will crumble and fall into moral disarray. It is therefore, important to remain true irrespective of our locality.”

Outlining some secrets of Joseph’s successes, Prof. Stephen Adei indicated that Joseph had a positive attitude, an excellent mentality, a discipline and diligent spirit which guided him to wield loads of success in his generation.

He added that Joseph was a very organized person, a continuous learner, a man of integrity and a strategic thinker and planner.

He encouraged Christians to learn, saying, “Learning is essential to our existence. Just like food nourishes our bodies, information and continuous learning nourishes our minds. The human brain is the only part of our faculty – the more we use it the better it becomes. Lifelong learning is an indispensable tool for every career and organisation.

“One reason things do not ultimately work out for our good is because we develop a negative attitude along the way. Instead of praising God, we question God. Because Joseph kept the right attitude throughout his experiences, he was blessed and God prospered him, even in his captivity.

“God’s presence with Joseph helped him to accomplish great tasks during difficult seasons. If you want to succeed be a partner with the Omnipotent God. The wisest man in the world is limited without Christ. You cannot experience God in the midst of sin,” he noted.

As part of the conference, there were Corporate Leadership and School Managers/Manageress seminars. There were also discussions on Christian success.

The Resident Minister, Pastor Clement Achim Gyimah and Dr Gabriel Bernaaku, President CCOD, were among the speakers of this year’s conference.

Report by Ghunney Isaac Kow

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