State of the Church Address


His Excellency Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana
Aps Dr M K Ntumy, Immediate Past Chairman
Fellow Soldiers of the Cross
Invited Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen


May grace and peace from the Father God and our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all!
On behalf of the Executive Council, I warmly welcome you all to the opening session of the 43rd General Council Meetings of The Church of Pentecost in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I would like to extend a very special welcome to His Excellency, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana. Your Excellency, thank you for honouring our invitation to be here with us in person. You are most welcome.

Special welcome is also accorded to Pastors Edwin Michael and Nigel Elliott, who are here as special delegates from our sister church, Elim Pentecostal Churches, UK.

I also extend a warm welcome to Rev. Ekpedeme Moffat Efanga, the general superintendent of Qua Iboe Church in Nigeria. His church and The Church of Pentecost in Nigeria have collaborated in finding a lasting solution to the harsh treatment being meted out to our members in the fishing communities in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States.

Most of our national heads and missionaries have travelled from very far and near places to join us in these meetings. I extend a very hearty welcome to you all. Our beloved chiefs who have graced this ceremony with their presence are most welcome.

There are many heads of churches and para-church organisations represented here today. I would like to extend a most gracious welcome to you all for accepting and honouring our invitation to join us in this meeting.

To all other councillors, representatives of various media houses, observers and well-wishers who have taken time off their schedules to be with us at this opening session, you are very welcome. I entreat all councillors to fully participate and contribute on issues that will be tabled for discussion during the meetings.

3.1 General

Glory be to the Lord God Almighty who has seen His church through another chapter of the church’s history. This year’s General Council meeting is special to me in the sense that it will be the last Council Meeting I attend as an active minister, after serving the Lord and the church for 42 years. The Lord has been gracious to the church, and to me as an individual, having served as the first international missions director, the first rector of Pentecost University College and the chairman of the church for ten (10) years. May the name of the Lord be praised!

In view of this, I want to honour my mentors who discovered the grace of God in my life as a young man of twenty-two (22) years, recommended and trained me in the ministry. Few among them are Pastor P. E. Nsiah, the then Apostle E. D. Aninkorah, Prophet Thomas Nyarko, Apostles D. K. Arnan, F. S. Safo and Prophet M. K. Yeboah. I extend special thanks to all the chairmen, general secretaries, international missions directors, Executive Council members present and past, directors of ministries, committees and board chair persons, national heads, area heads and colleague apostles and prophets, active and retired, that I have worked with. The general secretaries are Apostles Albert Amoah, Dr. Alfred Koduah and Alexander Kumi-Larbi, while international missions directors are Apostles Dr S. K. Baidoo and Emmanuel Gyesi-Addo.

I am grateful to Prophet J. O. Amaniampong, Apostles Ekow Badu Wood and David Tepker who on several occasions acted as the chairman, Apostle Joseph Assabil who also acted as the general secretary and all others in previous years, who acted when the substantive office holders were away on official duties.

I am greatly appreciative to Chairman M. K. Ntumy and his Executive Council that nominated me as the candidate of the Executive Council for the chairmanship in 2008 for the trust they reposed in me. I am hopeful that from their perspective, I have not failed them and the Lord. From a clear conscience, I have worked very hard with zeal and commitment to the Lord and the church, sometimes forfeiting my rights. The mistakes I might have committed have all come from a very pure conscience. I will ask all who might have been offended to forgive me for that.

My staff, headed by Apostle Samuel Otu Appiah who took over from Pastor Johnny Peprah, have been outstanding. They have been very professional—no confidential issue leaked out; they worked hard, protected and supported me through out. I doff my cap to you all, both past and present. Thanks also to the staff at the offices of the general secretary and international missions’ director who worked closely with those at the chairman’s office. They have really served well and deserve commendation. I am also indebted to the Staff Representative Council (SRC) and the entire headquarters staff for their unflinching support. They always took my advice when I spoke into their issues.

My special friends have been key contributors in my ministry. Together with others behind the scene, their prayer support, encouragement and availability in good and bad times have helped me and today, I stand at the threshold of almost crossing the finish line. Thanks to all of them. I also acknowledge the special prayer team members of my wife and those of my own. Special thanks also be to the Voice of Pentecost for the way the choir played in our ministry. May the Lord reward you for your services.

I express gratitude to my wife Grace, children, the entire extended family and those in our household, both past and present. They have been very supportive.

On the national front, I have enjoyed the fellowship, encouragement and support of fellow heads of churches, leaders of para-church organisations and other ministers. Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council and Ghana Evangelism Committee have both offered me leadership positions to serve. I salute all of them.

I am also very grateful to nananom (chiefs and queens) in the church and also some in the country, who really supported and morally encouraged me to press on toward our goal. May the Lord bless the institution of chieftaincy and continue to transform it to place of where chieftaincy will emit the glory of God on earth.

The various governments and the presidencies I have worked with have all been very helpful and supportive to us in many ways, including attending our General Council meetings, offering us the opportunity to serve on the National Peace Council, the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral and assisting us whenever necessary. I am deeply grateful to all of them.

In this regard, I would like to thank the government, both past and present, for commencing construction of the road to the Pentecost Convention Centre. The Church of Pentecost and all those who patronise various programmes at the centre should be very grateful if the government would be able to complete the construction of the road.

Thanks also to our friends at the international level who continue to pray, encourage and offer us opportunities to serve in various areas, including Co-Chair of Empowered21, Africa; Commissioner of World Mission and Evangelism of the World Council of Churches; member of Pentecostal theologians in dialogue with the Catholic Church; and member of the Steering Committee of Africa Pentecostal Missions Fellowship.

Over the ten years as the chairman of The Church of Pentecost, there was abundance of grace in all our activities, including finance in the church. The Lord raised some business men and women who really supported the church financially by faithfully paying their tithes and giving generously in several areas, including the putting up of church buildings, mission houses, provision of financial support to the church, and purchasing of vehicles and evangelism equipment. These include Elders Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Cynthia Araba Siaw Agyepong (CEO of Zoomlion and Jospong Group of Companies), Nana Samuel & Mrs. Mercy Amo Tobbin (CEO of Tobinco Pharmacy), Nana K. and Mrs. Josephine Gyasi, Nana Dr. Michael Agyekum and Mrs. Ernestina Serwah Addo (KAMA) and Mr Daniel Ofori, CEO of White Chapel. Others include Elder Nana Samuel and Mrs. Gladys Fredua Agyeman, Hon. Deaconess Eunice Buah Asoma Hinneh, Elder Patrick Kwame and Mrs. Gifty Danso of Abeka District, Kaneshie Area and Elder Prince and Mrs. Margaret Amoah of Asuoyeboah District, Kwadaso Area. I am very grateful to all of them.

Finally on thanksgiving, I am grateful to all ministers of The Church of Pentecost for their support and encouragement. I salute the officers (elders, deacons and deaconesses) and members of the church for their trust and support accorded me as I carried out my duties. May the Lord bless you and supply all your needs.

I have given a comprehensive account of my stewardship for the entire ten (10) year tenure of office as chairman of The Church of Pentecost, in addition to the 2017 report in the brochure. An evaluation of the implementation of Vision 2018, which was built on Vision 2013 has also been presented.

Since it very long, I will present only a highlight of the address.

4.1 Worldwide Statistical Growth within the Period 2008 to 2018

Within the period 2008 to 2018, the reporting period covering 2008 to 2017, the Lord added 1,341,656 to the overall worldwide membership of the church. This brought the worldwide membership of The Church of Pentecost to 3,037,068 as against 2,995,463 projected in Vision 2018. This represents a 79% increase to the 2007 membership of 1,695,412. The total number of assemblies at the end of 2017 stood at 20,863, as against the 2007 figure of 13,418. These were distributed across 2,253 administrative districts of the church as against the 2007 figure of 1,284. As of December 2017, The Church of Pentecost operated in 99 countries.

4.2 Statistical Growth in Ghana
The overall membership of The Church in Ghana as of 31st December, 2017 was 2,566,818. This was approximately 9% of the total estimated Ghanaian population of 29,088,849 as of 31st December, 2017. This literally means that out of every eleven (11) Ghanaians you meet, one will be a member of The Church of Pentecost.

The overall growth analysis showed that 72% of COP membership in Ghana was made up of children and youth (up to 35yrs). This is a healthy sign and an indication that The Church of Pentecost is a thriving church with a bright future.

The gender analysis of the adult membership of the church indicated that females constituted the largest proportion of 62%. It is interesting however, to note that whereas the female population in the church grew by 8% over the 2016 figure, the male population grew by an impressive 10%.

4.3 Financial Analysis
Over the ten year period, the church recorded a total percentage increase of 1543.73% in tithes and offering, and 1362.36% in missions offerings. Averagely, there was an annual growth rate of 33% in tithes, and 31% in missions offerings. We are most grateful to the Lord for this increase in finances.

By the grace of God, the year 2017 saw progress towards the achievement of most of the projections of the church. An analysis of the various reports shows progress in the areas of membership, number of assemblies, districts, areas, nations, finance, infrastructure and social services.

In the year 2017, 232,207 new members were added to the church; that is, an 8.3% increase over the 2016 figure of 2,804,861. Eight (8) nations that were added to the ninety (90) nations to make The Church of Pentecost operate in 99 nations in 2017 were Cyprus, Egypt, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, The Philippines, Bahrain and Hong Kong. Glory be to the Lord for this progress.

The headquarters income recorded in 2017 exceeded the 2016 income by 4.26%. And most of the budgetary allocations were disbursed. The Community Based Church Building (CBCB) grant disbursed in 2017 benefited 1,524 assemblies.

The reports show how the Lord continued to work with His church and confirmed His word by the various signs and miracles, including the dead being raised to life, child birth after several years of marriage, rescuing of the kidnapped and healing of the paralysed.

For example, at Asuoso in the Kete Krachi Area, a member who was sleeping around 12:30 am saw angels of God ascending and descending and one of the angels told her to wake up from her sleep. As soon as she woke up and stepped outside, the entire roof of the room collapsed.

In 2017, some church members, besides those who have been mentioned already, supported financially. For example, some bought parcels of land, put up church buildings or mission houses and still others donated vehicles.

In this regard, I would like to mention and acknowledge a few of them as we shall not be able to mention all here:

5.1 Donation of Church Buildings
• Elder Mark Grant and Deaconess Mrs. Georgina Essilfie of Abonwim Prayer Centre, Enyan Denkyira District, constructed and fully furnished two (2) church buildings at Abonwin and Ofabil, both in Mankessim Area.
• Elder S. K. Addo and his wife, Mrs. Agartha Aggrey of Buoho District, Suame Area, constructed a well-furnished church building for Nsanfo Assembly in Biriwa District, Mankessim Area.
• Mr. and Mrs. Kyei Amponsah, of TIPA Foundation, constructed Ackaakrom Central Church building in Sefwi Wiawso Area.
• Brother Alex Dzideku of Basyonde District, Bolgatanga Area, constructed a church building for Tindaanatinga Assembly.
• Mr. Mark Sanyo and Mrs. Esther Addai-Owusu donated a three-bedroom uncompleted house to Offinso New Town District in Suame Area.
• Brother Kwao Botwe of Newland Assembly, Afienya District, in Ashaiman Area, donated four and half plots of land valued at GHS 160,000.00 to the district.

5.2 Vehicles Donated to some Districts
We are also grateful to the following people who donated various vehicles to the church:
• Elder Mbrokoh Ewool of PIWC Kokomlemle, La Area,
• Mr. Amponsah Marfo and family of Sepe-Buokrom Central Assembly, Sepe-Buokrom District in the New Tafo Area.
• Hon. Dr. Nii Kotei Dzani of Adenta Estate Worship Centre, Madina Area.
• Elder Ebenezer Acheampong of PIWC Kokomlele in the La Area.
• Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Evelyn Agbevem to the Adjena District, Agormanya Area.

5.3 Donations made by some Areas
• Teshie Nungua Area donated a total amount of GHS 2,107, 457.89 to some needy areas and districts within Ghana, and GHS 187,184.00 in support of external missions.
• La Area donated GHS 67,000.00 to internal and external missions.

5.4 Special Initiative
Teshie Nungua Area women’s ministry is highly commended for setting up a resource centre to empower women in the society to acquire relevant knowledge and skills in technical and vocational education.

5.5 Special Recognition
By the grace of God, some of our members keep on excelling in various areas of endeavour. Few of such people who received awards and appointments are acknowledged here:
• Elder Dr. Maxwell Opoku Afari of PIWC Atomic, Madina Area, was appointed the First Deputy Governor of Bank of Ghana.
• Miss. Ruth Gyan Darkwa of Bompata Area gained admission to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology at the age of 13 to read BSc. Mathematics.
• Brother Emmanuel Kyei, a member of PIWC New Tafo, emerged the overall Best Law Student of the Ghana School of Law in the 2015/2016 academic year. He received the award in 2017.
• Major Mark Hagan of Burma camp Worship Centre received the Overall Best Student Award in Masters in Defence and International Politics (MDIP) in the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College, 2017.
• Elder Gideon Agbese of Chapel Square Assembly, La District, was adjudged the most Influential Science Teacher for the Senior High schools in Ghana.
• Benita Serwaa Nyarko aged 10 and Bertha Obeyaa Nyarko aged 8 from Kaneshie Area participated in the National Maths Quiz (UCMAS) organised by the Ghana Education Service. They placed second and fourth.
• Christiana Safoa, a beneficiary from the New Fadama Worship Centre Compassion Project, in the Kaneshie Area, having completed the Police Training School was adjudged the best shooter among the trainees.
• Commodore J. O. Kontoh of PIWC Kokomlele, La Area, was appointed the Flag Officer for Commanding the Eastern Naval Command of the Ghana Armed Forces.
• Mrs. Abigail Amponsem of the Missions Department at the Headquarters was adjudged the 2017 overall best Student at the School of Translators, Ghana Institute of Languages.
• Mr. Daniel Nyarko of the Church of Pentecost Headquarters, Estate Department, received the Chairman’s Best Worker Award for 2017.
• Jason Emmanuel K. Asante Ghansah of PIWC Kaneshie, and a student of Presbyterian Boys Senior High School, won the 2017 Grand Finale award of the United Bank for Africa Foundation.
• Ms. Augustina Essiam also of PIWC Kaneshie was also adjudged the overall best student, best female student and best student in Banking and Finance at Central University College.
• Deaconess Agnes Nutakor of Kpeve District, Ho Area, was placed 2nd at the 2017 National Best Teacher Award presentation.
• At age 39, Elder Dr. Benard Kumi Boateng, a Geomatic Engineer who fellowships with PIWC Tarkwa, was promoted to the rank of an Associate Professor, making him the youngest professor at the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT).
• Deaconess Janet Abobigu of Asuoyeboah District, Kwadaso Area, received an international award named “Global Official of Dignity” (G.O.D.) from “We care for Humanity Group” at a ceremony in New York (USA).
• Elder Eric Duku of Bompata Area received the overall best GHACEM Distributor Award for 2017.
• Brother Yakubu Malik of Bompata Area won the African Millenium Marathon Championship in 2017, organised by Menz Gold Ghana.
• Brother Baba Lucky, a 77 year-old member of Zuribisi Assembly, Bolgatanga Area, won 298 souls for Christ, out of which 130 were baptised in water.
• Mr Kofi Anane of Haatso District was adjudged the overall best student in the Ghana Chartered Institute of Taxation examination in 2017.

5.6 Pastoral Training and Leadership Development
The church continued to build the capacity of staff with departmental in-service training programmes. Most of these training programmes were fully or partially sponsored by the church.

123 ministerial students were enrolled at the Pentecost Theological Seminary. 112 were from Ghana and eleven (11) from the external missions.

Other training activities included the following:
• Fourteen (14) ministers graduated with Masters Degrees while sixteen (16) others continued their Masters studies. Congratulations!
• We congratulate Apostles Dr. Samuel Ofori and Dr. Amos Jimmy Markins who have completed their PhD degrees. Meanwhile thirteen (13) ministers were being sponsored for ongoing PhD programmes.
• Many other ministers and staff continued their studies at various levels.

5.7 Pentecost University College (PUC)
The student population of Pentecost University College stood at 3,083. 452 students graduated during the 9th Congregation held on 11th November 2017.

The excellent performances of the students nationally and internationally aided the University College to win the 2017 Inter Tertiary Career Development and Business Challenge, organised by L’AINE Services Limited (a nationally recognised Human Resources Development company). PUC emerged winner against the University of Professional Studies, Accra, Wisconsin International University College and University of Ghana Business School.

An alumnus of Pentecost University College, Mr Steven Blessing Ackah, was selected as the first Black African to chair the New Strategies for Financial Sector and World Economy Committee, under the Ministers for Economy Delegation at the 2017 G200 Youth Summit, held in Dubai, which was facilitated by the President of G200Y Association. The G200 Youth Forum is the largest international event organised for young leaders.

5.8 Pentecost Social Services (PENTSOS) Board
The total Out Patients Department (OPD) attendance in the church’s eight health institutions was 194,995. Altogether, a total of 17,682 admissions and 4,987 deliveries were recorded during 2017.

The church currently runs 84 basic schools, three (3) vocational schools and two (2) senior high schools.

The head office and the areas continued to sponsor needy-student members at the tertiary level under the Pentecost Educational Scholarship Scheme.

The church operates a credit union called Pentecost Co-operative Mutual Support and Social Service Society Ltd (PENCO). A total of forty (40) credit unions which operated in 34 church areas were supervised by PENCO Apex.

5.9 Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC)
In 2017, a total of 75,163 guests, made up of churches, organisations and individuals, lodged at Pentecostal Convention Centre for various programmes which included government agencies, banks and other corporate institutions.

The Church of Pentecost continued to share fellowship and support the activities of para church organisations, state and other non-governmental organisations both within the country and outside the country.

The church continued to strengthen its relationship with Elim Pentecostal Churches, and Links International, both of UK. It also entered into partnership with the Lausanne Movement.

A review of the Vision 2018 document indicates that the church has made significant gains in almost all set objectives.

8. THEME FOR 2018
The theme for 2018, “Remain in Christ and His Basic Message” (1 John 2:24-25), was carved to bring people’s attention to the need to stick to the basic message of Christ in these last days.

As the aged Apostle John wrote this letter to remind the saints to stick to the basic message, communicated to them in times where false doctrines were trending, so do we aim to remind our members and other Christians, of the need to remain in Christ and His basic message in contemporary times.

We think that the tenets of The Church of Pentecost carry the basic message of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, the year is being used to treat the tenets of the church and by that wrap up Vision 2018, whose main purpose is “Impacting Generations”. It may also be a very good way of ending and giving the next Executive Council the opportunity to begin on a new sheet.

It is my desire that as we digest and pray on it, we will touch the spirit of the ‘letter’ so that we will minister life to our people.

The call to legalise homosexuality (LGBT) by some leaders of the Western world must be seen as neo-colonialism and must be condemned at the highest level. We do not accept this as an aspect of civilization. Africans must see ourselves as people who are matured and know what is good for us and our people. The Church in Ghana will continue to reject and oppose this, and are prepared to demonstrate against this if pressure continues to mount on our leaders.

It therefore came to us a welcome news when the President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, openly declared his stance on the issue of the legalization of same-sex marriage in the country by stating that “…It will not be under his presidency that same-sex marriage will be legalized in Ghana.” We are very grateful to the President for openly stating his stance against same-sex marriage. This is the direction the country must go and we are prepared to support this.

Considering the impact that Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) has had on the youth, the Executive Council has decided to honour the founding members whose hard work and dedication led to the formation of PENSA. On this note, I invite the following brothers and sister or their representatives to come forward to receive their awards:
• Elder Joseph Edward Kofi Antiri (late)
• Apostle J. S. Gyimah (rtd.)
• Elder Dr. Isaac Anim (late)
• Pastor Joshua Adjabeng (late)
• Elder J. A. Larkai
• Apostle Prof. P. O. Kyei
• Mrs. Juliana Sekoh
• Elder Dan Clottey
• Elder E. A. Boate
• Pastor J. Kwamena Painstil
• Apostle Ekow Badu-Wood
• Elder Dr. Mike Adjaloo
• Apostle J. F. Asante-Aryeh
• Mrs. Felicia Anim-Tettey
• Elder Col. Michael Boampong
• Apostle A. T. Nartey (late)
• Apostle J. C. Quaye (late)
• Evangelist L. A. Nyarko (late)


After years of serving the Lord and His church, some of our ministers will be retiring from active service this year. I kindly invite all such ministers to come forward as follows:
S/N Name Area Years Served
Aps Prof Opoku Onyinah Headquarters 42
Aps Moses Ayitey Asamankese 39
Aps Osei Wusu Brempong Aflao 33
Ps William Twumasi Ankrah Krobo Odumase, Agormanya 37
Ps Robert Kwadwo Taylor Apremdo, Takoradi 34
Ps Aaron Akrofi Dicka Aburaso, Kwadaso 36
Ps John Kofi Ampong Samreboi, Asankrangwa 33
Ps Isaac Joseph Adusei Twifo Praso, Assin Foso 32
Ps Jacob Akwasi Ankrah Tepa Beposo, Goaso 29
Ps Benjamin Konotey Tefle, Tema 29
Ps Johnson Duang Adu Fumesua, Bompata 28
Ps Daniel Freeman K Lamptey Prampram, Tema 26
Ps Christian Kofi Nsiah Chemunaa, Dansoman 25
Ps William Wilson Asamoah Sefwi Asawinso 25
Ps Andrew Adu Amankwaah Yennyawoso, New Tafo 24
Ps Gideon Seth Masley Tsito, Ho 24
Ps Oswald Cheremeh Kotobabi, La 21
Ps Benjamin Kwame Duodu Ahwiaa, New Tafo 21
Ps Ekow Davis-Blankson Ahinsan Estate, Asokwa 21
Ps Frank Osei Wusu Akaporiso, Obuasi 18
Ps John Kojo Boamah Drobo Krupiase, Berekum 13

Beloved, these gallant soldiers of the cross have meritoriously served the Lord and the church. This will be their last official attendance and participation in our council meetings. I will therefore kindly request that we honour and appreciate them with a standing ovation!

Dear retiring ministers, I pray that the Lord God Almighty before whom you have walked and served, bless and grant you a restful retirement when the time is due.

Beloved in Christ, beyond a shadow of doubt, the main attraction of the 43rd General Council meeting is the election of a new chairman and other Executive Council members. The general secretary, having served creditably for a term of five years, must still be evaluated by the Executive Council, and decide on the next step. The elected Executive Council members will replace Apostle Dr Alfred Koduah who has served for fifteen (15) years as general secretary and Executive Council member, and Apostle Ekow Badu Wood who has served ten years as Executive Council member. They are all nearing their retirement, and may not be presented. They have been pillars in the council and deserve commendation at the highest level.

The rest of the Executive Council members whose terms are due but have not reached their retirement ages are Apostles Eric Nyamekye and Ousmane P. Zabre. We are indeed grateful to all of them for their services and commitment to the church. The other Executive Council members still have some time to serve on the council.

The Constitution of The Church of Pentecost gives the Executive Council the mandate to regulate its own proceedings and nominate a candidate from the eligible candidates (among the apostles and prophets) for consideration of the Electoral College, which is the apostles, prophets, evangelists and some area heads. The Constitution also says that “all directive prophecies and revelations concerning candidates for consideration for the position of chairman [or general secretary] shall be communicated verbally or in writing to the Executive Council through the Chairman of the Church”. Before the Executive Council began our meeting on 24th April, four (4) different names had been presented to me by people who claimed the Lord had spoken to them. When the time is due for the elections, you will realise that the Executive Council has done due diligence to its constitutional mandate concerning the nominations of the chairman and general secretary.

I therefore admonish all of us to rest in the Lord, not to be anxious in anything but trust that the Lord who hears prayer has heard our prayers and will give us the one He wants to lead His church at this time.

Beloved people of God, I now deem it an honour to declare this 43rd session of the General Council Meetings of The Church of Pentecost formally open, in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is my prayer that we shall endeavour to remain in Christ and His Basic Message. Thank you and may the Lord be with you all.

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