Spicy/Peppery Foods Taken By Nursing Mothers Causes Discomfort For Babies – Paediatrician

A paediatrician at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Hilda Boye, has hinted that nursing mothers who eat very spicy foods may cause tummy discomfort for their babies.

Speaking on Adom FM’s reality show for pregnant women, ‘Nyinsen Ne Awuor,’ the doctor said the foods nursing mothers consume, go into the breast milk directly and may cause their babies to have tummy discomfort (colics).

Dr. Boye hinted that mothers who consume peppery foods and foods that cause bloating of the tummy risk giving their babies discomfort from the hot pepper and gas substances in the food which can make them cry a lot.

She added that to control the cry from colics (tummy discomfort) in babies after breastfeeding, mothers should adopt the simple methods of helping the child to burp instead of giving them gripe water.

“After breastfeeding your baby carry him/her on your shoulder while supporting their head and neck and rub their back with a firm open hand to help release the trapped air,” she added.

Dr. Hilda Boye however cautioned nursing mothers to visit the hospital whenever they notice anything abnormal in their babies.

Source: Adom News


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