Issuance Of Ghana Card Starts In April

Issuance of the new National Identification Card is set to begin in April this year, the Vice President has disclosed.

Speaking at the Ghana-Norway Business Forum in Accra on Monday, Dr Bawumia said “a lot of work has been done and all things being equal, we expect a rollout of Ghana’s National ID system next month.

“This means we are going to provide unique identification to everybody in Ghana, whether you are a foreigner or a citizen. We’ll have unique ID numbers and this will automatically transform into your tax identification number so when you don’t file your taxes, we know.”

National Identification Authority (NIA) is expected to begin a nationwide registration of Ghanaian citizens for the new ID card soon.

The national ID card dubbed Ghana card according to government would help to modernise and formalise the Ghanaian economy through the establishment of a credible national database.

The ID card is meant to be the primary ID card that citizens will use to access all services in the country, including even travelling within the West African sub-region.

It will be the only valid ID for application for a bank account, passport, telephone number, property acquisition, drivers license and many more.

Head of Information Technology at the NIA, Matilda Wilson, said in November last year that the smart Ghana Card will not come cheap because the claims of applicants will be put to strict proof before they are issued with one.



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