PIWC-Asokwa Holds Officers’ Residential Retreat

Officers of Pentecost International Worship Centre in the Asokwa Area of The Church of Pentecost (PIWC-Asokwa) participated in a three-day strategic residential retreat at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Brofoyedru Kumasi.

The retreat, which is the brainchild of the Resident Minister, Pastor Dr. Joseph I.T. Buertey, was held from September 20 to 22, 2018 under the theme: “Break Camp And Advance Into Excellence” (Deuteronoy1:6; Daniel 1:6; Philippians 3:12-14).

The main objective of the retreat was to bring all officers, selected ministry leaders, wing and committee members together to deliberate on a 4-year strategic plan (Vision 2022), themed; “Possessing The City Through A Pentecostal Ministry Of Excellence”. Among other things, it was also an avenue for the church leaders and workers to intercede for the Church and wait on the Lord for strength and new ideas for the ensuing years.

Expounding the theme of the event, Pastor Dr. Buertey highlighted that in order for the Church to break camp and advance, there is the need for them to avoid stagnation, be visionary in nature, be committed to hard work, develop greater risk, have faith in God, seek godly counsel and direction, be disciplinary and proactive in the midst of difficulties and review some traditional ways of doing things.

He indicated that, in the coming years, the Church would endeavour to re-energise herself to operationalise “Project 2021” (Rehoboth), which would be a driving vision for the whole church. Project 2021, he said, would focus on doubling up all efforts (physically, spiritually and materially) to bring about growth in every dimension of the lives of members.

Pastor Wilberforce Addo-Wontumi, the Guest Speaker of the retreat, spoke on the theme: “Possessing The City Through A Pentecostal Ministry”. In his presentation, he indicated that before one can advance to possess new territories, he/she must know who they are in Christ, do away with inferiority complex, understand their calling, be bold, confident and look beyond their horizon without limitation.

Elder Dr. Adjaloo, in turn, challenged the participants to move away from traditions in order to experience a paradigm shift in the Church. He indicated that a paradigm shift does not just happen, rather it takes a corporate view and decision to move away from stagnating traditions.

He added that, as Pentecostals, there are some traditions of the Church that cannot be compromised, however, there are others that are negotiable and could be changed to move the Church forward.

“There are times we need to change in order to see progress. God is not stereotypical. God is progressive and changes His decisions based on situations of men,” Dr Adjaloo indicated.

During morning devotion on the final day of the retreat, Deaconess Victoria Aboah spoke on the topic: “Go For The Mountains” using the case study of Caleb.

She observed that Caleb was a child of God who was not satisfied with a normal life and was determined to possess God’s promises concerning his life. She, therefore, admonished the participants to strive until they attain God’s promises for their lives individually and corporately.

“Caleb was not satisfied with the ordinary, he desired to be extraordinary, he was a man of altitude and so he desired higher heights in life,” she noted.

She added that even at 80 years, Caleb garnered the strength to fight to possess what belonged to him. She, therefore, encouraged Church leaders to never give up in life but always persevere.

Deaconess Aboah also indicated that Caleb was able to achieve this because he was never content, but very committed and determined, as a result he was regarded as “a confident giant killer” even at the age of 85.

Concluding her message, Mrs. Victoria Aboah charged all and sundry to strive to conquer the unconquered and possess their rightful inheritance by rekindling their evangelistic drive and fellowship as it was in the early church.

Other speakers at the event included: Elder Festus Nyame and Elder Albert Mensah. Some of the activities the participants undertook were Workshops, Morning Aerobics, Holy Ghost session and an Open Forum.


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