10-Year-Old Girl Saved From Drowning

Ten-year-old Rita Mantebea, a Basic 5 pupil and daughter of Elder Samuel Asiama and Deaconess Janet Adobea Manteaw, was miraculously saved from drowning while on her way to school with her colleagues on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.

Every morning, Rita and the other school children in her town cross over a river to the other side where the community school is located. As a result, the townsfolk placed a log on the river to help them cross over to school.

Prior to the day of the incident, there was a very heavy downpour which caused the river to overflow its bank. Unfortunately, as Rita was crossing over the river to school that fateful Wednesday morning, she slipped and drowned. Her schoolmates who witnessed the incident began to scream for help. However, as they shouted the strong currents of the river carried Rita further and further away.

After about 45 minutes later, an unknown man who heard the screams of the children rushed to the scene to find out what was happening. Upon hearing what had occurred, he dived into the river in search of little Rita.

By the grace of God, he found Rita in the deepest part of the river and managed to bring her out. Miraculously, when Rita was brought ashore, she was found to be in a good state without any problem.

Rita and her parents fellowship at the Peace Assembly of the Wassa Ateiku District in the Assin Fosso Area of The Church of Pentecost. Glory be to the Almighty God for this great deliverance.

Report by: Joseph Smiles Adu

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