Newly-Created Weta Junction District Inaugurated web

Newly-Created Weta Junction District Inaugurated

The Aflao Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Michael Agyen Brefo, on Sunday, September 3, 2023, inaugurated the newly-created Weta Junction District.

This colourful event also served as a welcome service for the new District Minister, P/Overseer Godsway Benny Torgbegah, and his family.

The creation of Weta Junction District was approved during the 46th Session of the General Council meetings of the Church in May 2023. It was carved out of the Afife District.

During the service, Pastor Francis Lamptey of the Agorve-Woe District preached on the topic “Effective Ministry Requires Strong Support from Others,” using 2 Timothy 4:8-11 as his key Bible reference.

Pastor Francis Lamptey stated that nobody can make it to the top without support from others.

He states that even though ministers of God have been called to serve God’s interests, their stewardship can be effective when they have capable men and women by their side, ready to assist them in their God-given assignments.

Expounding the main Bible text, he explained that the Apostle Paul succeeded in ministry because others helped him. In 2 Timothy 4:11, Apostle Paul, who was at that time imprisoned at Rome, pleaded with Timothy to get to him quickly and offer him some assistance. In his plea, the Apostle Paul told Timothy to get Mark and bring him to him along because the latter was helpful to him in ministry.

“Some biblical scholars allude that Mark was a serviceable Christian leader who also had knowledge in the Latin language. His services were needed in Paul’s life and ministry,” he said.

Pastor Lamptey also stressed that, in the same vein, some biblical figures who made great strides in their service to God also depended on the support of others. King David, for instance, had mighty men who, together with all Israel, gave his kingship strong support to extend it over the whole land (1 Chronicles 11:10).

He, therefore, urged Christians to support the clergy in the service to God so that the Lord’s kingdom will be advanced in their spheres.

“We can offer support to the clergy by praying for them. Sometimes, a little encouragement can lift up their spirits. Besides, supporting their physical needs in the discharge of their ministerial duties will also motivate them to push harder to advance the Lord’s cause,” he said.

Pastor Lamptey encouraged P/Overseer Benny Torgbegah to set a good example for his members in everything by doing what is good.

“In your teachings show integrity, seriousness, and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned by those who might rise to oppose you since they will have nothing bad to say about him,” he advised.

Apostle Agyen Brefo, on his part, encouraged the members and officers of the Weta Junction to rally behind their District Minister and work together to raise the Weta Junction to a high pedestal.

He also led all gathered to pray for P/Overseer Torgbegah and his family, as well as the District Executive Committee members and the officers of the newly-created District.

In attendance were the Aflao Area pastorate, Area Executive Committee members, members and officers from other Districts within the Area, the Weta Junction District officers, and members, as well as some invited guests.

Report by Aflao Area Media Team

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