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Never Forget The Message You Have Been Sent With – Apostle Dr Anim Advises

The Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Pentecost University, Apostle Dr Emmanuel Anim, has advised missionaries to always carry along the Gospel message, which is the main task of a Christian.

According to him, missionaries are not self-appointed but sent with a divine message.

‘You have been called and sent, but you are not going on your own accord but with a message. Your goal is to communicate effectively the message you have been sent with,” he stated.

Apostle Dr Anim revealed this when speaking on the topic, ‘Biblical Perspective on Mission’ during the second day of the 2024 Mission Orientation currently underway at the Pentecost Convention Centre, Gomoa-Fetteh.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor noted that the entire Bible is the foundation for the mandate of mission, saying, ‘Through Christ and the people of God, who are Abraham’s spiritual children, we have a responsibility to all mankind to be stewards of God’s creation.’

Citing Genesis 12:1-3, he urged Christians to recognise their calling, much like Abraham did.

He also referred to Jonah as a reluctant missionary whose story reflects human limitations and desires in seeking to accomplish God’s mission.

‘Often God does not think like us. Jonah wanted his enemies to be punished because of historical experiences. He saw Yahweh as the God of Israel and not God of their enemies,’ he noted.

Drawing from Matthew 28:19, he cited the imperative of the Great Commission, stressing that Christians are sent out to change systems with the values and principles of the Kingdom of God.

Missionaries, according to Apostle Dr Anim, must lead people to recognise the Lordship of Christ.

He referenced Acts 10:15-16 where Apostle Peter struggled but eventually accepted and obeyed God’s directive to welcome Gentiles into his home.

‘The missionary challenge you will have to deal with is gospel and culture. Culture is dynamic, but you must understand where people are at a particular time. At the heart of every culture is a worldview, which shapes our future,’ Apostle Dr Anim explained.

He likened culture to an iceberg, with observable aspects and hidden depths that can only be suspected or imagined.

‘The principle of love must be in operation; do not exploit the people. Mission is about the transformation of people and cultures in the light of God’s word,’ he concluded.


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