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My Photo Journey With Apostle Dr Michael Ntumy

I was employed as a Photographer and Darkroom Technician in 1993 at Pentecost Press, then at La, the Head Office of The Church of Pentecost.

I was in charge of the darkroom, doing lithography works and photography. In 1998, I was privileged to attend the General Council Meeting for the first time at the Central Tabernacle in Koforidua. Former President Flt. J. J. Rawlings attended the opening ceremony held at the EREDEC Hotel, and after that, the meeting commenced at the Central Tabernacle. 

It was not easy for me to move around to take photos since media and social media coverage was not as common as it is today. Everything was ‘spiritual’ and serious business.

Then came the election of the Chairman and other Executive Council Members. It was in this election that Apostle Ntumy was elected as the Chairman of the Church. I was asked to prepare a venue for group photographs for Prophet M. K. Yeboah’s outgoing and Apostle M. K. Ntumy’s incoming executives. I remember with the help of Pastor Steve Nyakotey Quao (now retired), we suggested the EREDEC compound for the photo shoot. It was not a digital camera to check the images. It was 135 film I used and later sent to the photo lab for development and printing. Thank God, everything came out nicely for both executives. 

This experience began my photo journey with Chairman Ntumy. I became the Church’s official photographer for major events like induction services, council meetings, and other church programmes during his tenure of office.

Early Morning Call By Mrs Martha Ntumy

Mrs Martha Ntumy called me one morning to take some photographs after they had finished their term as Chairman of the Church and were preparing for Germany. When I got there, Mrs Ntumy said, “Daddy is tired and resting,” so I waited a while as she organised and had the photos taken.”

In about an hour, Mama Martha returned and told me that Apostle Dr Ntumy was getting ready for the photo shoot, as we call it today. My little knowledge of photography and diplomacy paved the way for me to put smiles on their faces and take photos. Lo and behold, one of those photographs is now the most used or circulated photo of Apostle Dr Ntumy within The Church of Pentecost and beyond. 

Mama Martha, a strong woman with a big heart, supported Apostle Dr Ntumy in finishing the work of the Lord in grand style. Ayekoo Apostlewaa.

Indeed, Apostle Dr Ntumy has served his Maker, the Lord Jesus Christ, and as one of our songs, No. 77 says: 

“Go, labour on, spend, and be spent, 

Thy joy to do the Father’s will; 

It is the way the Master went, 

Should not the servant tread it still?

Ayekoo, Apostle Dr Michael Kwabena Ntumy. You have done well, Papa. 

May he have a peaceful rest in the Lord. 

By John Boateng Asante

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