Mobilise Church Members Into Small Groups – Apostle Col. Kumi-Woode

The Resident Minister of Burma Camp Worship Centre of The Church Of Pentecost and Chaplain of the Ghana Armed Forces, Apostle (Lt. Col.) Major Benjamin Kumi-Woode, has urged church leaders to organise members into small groups in order to make a them more effective.

Speaking on the topic: “Mobilising Squads for Effective Impact in the World,” Apostle (Lt. Col.) Kumi-Woode stated: “The church’s Army imagery should not be lost to unbelievers. An army cannot be formed by a single person, but only by many people. As a result, when we say we have an army, we need more people who have been called out.”

He then reiterated that the church exists as God’s army to take territory (offensive operation) and to protect their own (defensive operation).

“You cannot talk about the Kingdom of God without the warfare aspect of its being,” said Apostle (Lt. Col.) Kumi-Woode, charging ministers to capture the minds of unbelievers for Christ as the mission of God’s army.

“Every soldier or army serves a single purpose: to conquer nations for Christ and save humanity.”

He emphasised that, as one of the several components of an army, the morale of the team, which includes fellowship, unity, and a sense of a common purpose, plays a role in the possession of nations.

Apostle (Lt. Col.) Kumi-Woode directed church leaders to enlist (preach the salvation message), train (teach converts Kingdom topics), integrate (have time to interact individually), and deploy members on the verge of forming squads (small groups) in the Church.

“Unless the people are enlisted in Christ, there will be no loyalty among them. New converts must be taught to appreciate the call,” he said, admonishing ministers to perform proper membership registration and to incorporate technological means where possible.

Ushering, Home Cells, Praise and Worship, Video and Photography, Follow-up, Placard Evangelism, Souls Counselling, Medical Outreaches, and House-to-House teams are examples of possible mobilisation areas, he added.


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