Mission Houses Are An Extension Of The Church – Mrs. Kumi-Larbi

The wife of the General Secretary of The Church of Pentecost, Mrs. Rose Dansoa Kumi-Larbi, says mission house is the extension of the Church, hence its occupants must live exemplary lives for others to emulate.

“Occupants of mission houses must live by the principles of God and practice what they preach,” she admonished, cautioning that, it is dangerous to preach the word and not practicing it.

Mrs. Kumi-Larbi made the remarks today, Thursday, August 11, 2022, during the fourth edition of the Greater Accra Ministers’ Wives Prayer Meeting, which was held at the Dr. Thomas Wyatt Temple in Accra.

She spoke on the topic: “Equipping the Household: The Home as an Equipping Centre and Maintaining the Mission House.”

Citing Genesis 2:15, she emphasised the necessity for pastors’ wives to take the same level of care for the mission houses they live in as they do for their own homes and treasured belongings.

“Check the air conditioning filters, the windows, fans, roofs, and, most importantly, all the restrooms on a regular basis,” she said.

She continued: “It is important to maintain our mission houses to reduce risk and increase home safety. Proper and regular maintenance makes the mission house neat and fresh. In so doing it earns respect.”

Mrs. Kumi-Larbi further stated that mission houses serve as a sign of hope in the community and, as such, must become houses of prayer. She advised pastors and their spouses to refrain from using derogatory language about leadership in the presence of their children in the mission houses since it can affect their love for the Church.

The prayer meeting, which was also graced by Mrs. Mary Nyamekye (Wife of the Chairman of the Church) and Mrs. Deborah Agyemang Bekoe (Wife of the International Missions Director) was attended by about 350 ministers’ wives, both active and retired.

As part of the meeting, Mrs Mary Amaniampong (Wife of the La Area Head) taught participants how to prepare the Burkina Drink, a Ghanaian drink or beverage made of ground millet and pasteurized milk.


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