Mentally-Challenged Man Receives Instant Healing2

Mentally-Challenged Man Receives Instant Healing

A man with a mental ailment received instant healing during an outreach event organised by the Salem District in the Agormanya District of The Church of Pentecost on February 12, 2023, at the Akosombo market.

Narrating the incident to PENTECOST NEWS, the Presiding Elder of the Salem Assembly, Elder Alfred Nhyiraba, said that the leadership of the Assembly, in consultation with the Agormanya District Minister, Pastor Emmanuel Kwabena Tetteh, decided to hold the February Gospel Sunday service in a public space and, therefore, settled on the market space to reach out to more people.

“While preaching during the service, I saw him (the mentally challenged man) standing directly across, facing me and clapping his hands. So, I asked him to come to me. He obliged and knelt before me. I immediately called on the other members present to gather around him and pray for him,” he said.

After a time of prayer, the man got up to his feet and testified that he had been healed.

“He asked for a Bible when he got up. So, quickly, one of the sisters gave her Bible to him. Deacon Michael Amanor, the Local Secretary, whose residence was nearby, took him home to get him some appropriate clothing,” Elder Nyiraba said.

The man has now been completely restored and fellowships with the Salem Assembly. To God be the glory.

Report by Agormanya District Media Team

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