Meet The Men Championing ‘Pentecost Hour’ Broadcast In Kumasi (2)

Meet The Men Championing ‘Pentecost Hour’ Broadcast In Kumasi

In a time when the entire world is faced with numerous challenges, difficulties, and trials, the authentic gospel of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, must be preached earnestly, in season and out of season, using all available means to save the dying world.

Pentecost Hour, a religious broadcast programme sponsored by The Church of Pentecost, has been featured on the airwaves (radio, television, and online) over the years to propagate the unadulterated Word to people from all walks of life in the church’s quest to possess the nations with life-transforming truth that nourishes the soul, ignites passion, and restores hope in the nations.

Elder Kwame Ansah and Elder Isaac Owusu Ansah a.k.a. Mr. ‘O.’ have taken the Pentecost Hour radio broadcast in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital, to new heights.

PENTECOST NEWS has caught up with them and has provided this report.

Elder Kwame Ansah

Through the instrumentality of Elder Kwame Ansah, Pentecost Hour is now preached on four major radio stations in Kumasi, namely Silver FM 98.3 MHz, Hello FM 101.5 MHz, Ashh FM 101.1 MHz, and soon on Kapital Radio 97.1 MHz.

Elder Kwame Ansah fellowships with M. K. Yeboah Memorial Temple in New Tafo District in Kumasi. He joined The Church of Pentecost in 2008 as an ordained pastor from the erstwhile Christian Service Centre, a church he co-founded with one Anthony Owusu Amankwaah.

He had a special relationship with The Church of Pentecost as a result of his work as a dealer in musical instruments, and as a result, he had a soft spot for the church. Along the way, he and his co-founder decided to join The Church of Pentecost as a group, after consulting with the members, who numbered around 40.

Despite being an ordained pastor, he was made a member and sat among his members while an elder was transferred to preside over them.

According to him, he has never regretted his decision to join The Church of Pentecost because the Lord has used him to win many souls for Christ. He claimed that the church provided him with a larger platform and allowed him to be at the forefront of the evangelism drive at various levels of major conventions and rallies.

Elder Ansah stated that his former District Pastor, then Pastor Samuel Antwi (now Apostle and current Head of New Tafo Area), recommended him to the then Area Head, Apostle Kwasi Ackah-Baidoo (now retired), to represent the church on Hello FM. His first appearance pleased leadership of the church in his Area, which encouraged him to become a regular on Hello FM.

A man on fire for Christ, he is responsible for handling the Pentecost Hour broadcast in the city of Kumasi.

Elder Isaac Owusu Ansah alias Mr. ‘O’

Elder Owusu Ansah is a Kumasi-based businessman who specializes in iron rods, cement, and automobiles. He is the presiding elder of Hill Top Assembly, the Kwadaso District Finance Committee Chairman, the Kwadaso Area Assistant Evangelism Leader, and a member of the Area Executive Committee.

Despite his hectic business schedule, Elder Isaac Owusu Ansah is a devout evangelist who preaches the gospel both in and out of season. Elder Owusu Ansah has been regular preacher on Angel FM in Kumasi since 2012.  He described Elder Kwame Ansah as his mentor who introduced him to radio preaching.

The Church of Pentecost Media Ministry salutes these two cross-bearing giants, as well as many others who are doing outstanding work in spreading the authentic gospel of Jesus Christ through the mass media.


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