Markets In Accra, Tema Being Disinfected To Prevent Coronavirus Spread

About 1,300 sprayers were deployed Monday morning to disinfect markets in the Greater Accra Region as part of efforts to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

According to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, 10 sprayers have been assigned to each market.

“In pursuant to the directives, a number of activities have been initiated including the disinfection of markets, public education initiation of market women on the COVID-19. In view of this, the general public is hereby informed of the disinfection of 137 markets in the Greater Accra Region on Monday, March 23, 2020,” a statement issued by Ministry said.

A Deputy Minister of Local Government Minister and Rural Development, Mr Osei Bonsu Amoah explained that all major markets in the country would also be disinfected after the Greater Accra exercise.

“It is supposed to be a nationwide exercise. We are starting from Accra today and we are hoping that during the week, all the other regions will also have their turn,” he said in a radio interview.

He said the exercise may continue into Tuesday should the sprayers leading the disinfection exercise fail to complete the task on Monday, March 23, 2020.

“Usually, if you have such massive disinfection, obviously, the outcome will mean that you have to do some cleanup and if they are not able to finish today, then it means it may affect tomorrow. But we just earmarked a day for this exercise so that tomorrow, they can go back to the market,” he added.

Kanashie Market Complex

The exercise started at the Kaneshie market as of 7:30 am on Monday with about 10 fumigators.

Some armed military personnel were also seen sacking commercial drivers and some market women who had come early to offload their goods from the Kaneshie market to enable a smooth exercise.

Mallam Market

The usual busy morning at the Mallam market as well as the constant traffic jam was non-existent Monday morning.


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