Making Your Roommate Choose You Again If They Have The Opportunity web

Making Your Roommate Choose You Again If They Have The Opportunity

Everyone will one day have a temporary roommate. A temporary roommate is someone you share a room with other than your partner or children.

This happens in boarding houses, hostels, hotels, etc. This occurs during conferences, seminars, short courses, programmes, academic calendars, etc. Sometimes one may have one or more roommates depending on the occasion. The duration may be for hours, days or months. It may also last for years.

When two or more people meet, they must know that no matter how short the duration is, each one has an impact on the other or one another. It is therefore incumbent on everyone to ensure that as much as it depends on them, they must leave positive lasting impression on the others when they meet new friends.

These areas need important attention:

  1. Personal hygiene
  2. Hang towels outside the room for them to dry before you take them inside.
  3. Place shoes outside after prolonged wear for aeration before you take them inside.
  4. Keep sweat soiled clothing aerated before hanging them inside.
  5. Bath twice a day if possible.
  6. Aside from the morning, brush your teeth after lunch and supper if possible.
  7. Brush your teeth after a nap, especially after afternoon siesta.
  • Respiratory protection

i. Perfumes/creams: Some people are allergic to high scented perfumes and creams. Be moderate in using them. Kindly know that the people that may sit around you in class or in the hall too may be allergic to your perfumes, so be very moderate. To help your roommate, you may even apply the perfume in the balcony or just when you are leaving the room. Please take this seriously lest you harm people.

ii. Fan: Some people cannot tolerate high speed fan. It can lead to blocked nostrils, cough or chest pains. So, kindly reduce the speed of the fan.

iii. Air conditioning: Some people can tolerate the lowest temperature while others cannot. Kindly make the cooling comfortable for all.

  • Noise pollution

Some people enjoy listening to music or news or sermons on their phones. Please, kindly note that if each of you in the room tunes to their favourite radio stations or plays their favourite music or sermons, there will be total anarchy in the room. It is better to use earpiece so the other person does not hear what you are hearing. It is very courteous to do so.

Also observe these:

  • Lower your tone when making a call. You may even step out to do so.
  • Do not shout to call someone far away.
  • Do not stand in front of a room to talk on top of your voice.
  • Note that your rising time may be someone’s sleeping or meditation time.
  • Considering the plight of your roommate

Top beds may not help some roommates by their conditions. Some may be heavy, pregnant, old, sick or weak while others may have babies with them. When you arrive in a room earlier and choose a down bed it would be much appreciated if you give your down bed to any of the people in these categories.

  • Tolerating the other person

Your roommate may consciously or unconsciously make you uncomfortable. Some of the things they do may be beyond their control. Examples include their babies crying, snoring, coughing, etc. Kindly tolerate them just as you would have loved to be tolerated if you were in the same situation.

  • Politely voicing your challenges out

I have realised that naturally people are caring and so those who may have a challenge with perfumes, fans, air conditioners, height, etc. should voice it out to their roommates. It is better letting them know than expecting them to know. Kindly help them to help you.

  • Avoid discussing deep family matters or leadership matters that may make your roommate uncomfortable


From the above, I can unequivocally allude that many of us have inadvertently caused discomfort to our roommates before.

Well, Proverbs 28:13 tells us to forsake what is not good. Kindly make amends to prolong the life of your roommate and to make him/her want to choose you next time if they have the option to choose.

Written by Pastor Dr Suleman De-Graft Issaka (Tema Greenwich Meridian District)

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