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Make Personal Devotion A Lifestyle – Apostle Samuel Osei Asante

Apostle Samuel Osei Asante, the Kaneshie Area Head and Executive Council Member of The Church of Pentecost, has urged Christians to make personal devotion a lifestyle because a weak devotional life hinders one from living a Christ-like life.

Speaking on “Flourishing Life through Personal Devotions” at the Kaneshie Area Officers’ Retreat (Apostolisation) at the Kaneshie Central Assembly auditorium yesterday, Apostle S.O. Asante described a devotional lifestyle as a habit of spending time with the Lord through prayer, Bible reading, studying, and meditating on His Word, leading to a flourishing life.

Apostle S. O Asante portrayed an individual with a devotional lifestyle as consistent, devoted, and dedicated to God. He highlighted that such a lifestyle results in personal transformation.

He clarified that personal devotion goes beyond routine Christian duty; it is a time to deepen one’s knowledge of God through heartfelt interaction with Him.

Emphasising the necessity and benefits of personal devotions, Apostle Asante stated that it is a command from God to be obeyed, a way to express love and commitment to God, and a means to enhance personal relationship with the Lord.

To achieve a flourishing life through personal devotions, he advised Christians to allocate consistent time in a solitary place, set alarms, and not let their feelings dictate their devotion.

Apostle S.O. Asante urged all Christians to adopt the resolution: “No prayer, No Bible No Breakfast, No Business.”


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