Make Evangelism Your Lifestyle – Pastor Isaac Donkor Tells Christians web

Make Evangelism Your Lifestyle – Pastor Isaac Donkor Tells Christians

Pastor Isaac Donkor, the PENSA Travelling Secretary for the Kwadaso Sector, has urged Christians, especially  the Christian youth, to make evangelism their lifestyle.

He made this call during a presentation at the ongoing PENSA Ghana Conference (Transformers Conference) at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh, one of the three centres for this year’s annual youth conference.

In his presentation, Pastor Isaac Donkor mentioned that the concept of evangelism takes its root from the greatest commission highlighted by the four Gospels and also affirmed in Acts 1:8. He stated emphatically that the Great Commission is not a suggestion nor a negotiation but a command.

He remarked how our forebears evangelised wholeheartedly, and not even persecution could stop them because they upheld one of the core values of the church: evangelism, being a prime purpose.

He further elaborated on the need to make evangelism a lifestyle, pointing to the fact that people are dying, and the unanswered question of how many are saved is of great concern.

Pastor Donkor reiterated that it is therefore the will of God that all be saved, with reference to 1 Peter 3:9.

He posited that the heartbeat of God is world evangelisation as such we must be compelled with love to evangelise to all.

In the course of his presentation, Pastor Isaac Donkor stressed that we all have a moral responsibility to evangelize and reach out to the lost – by so doing, we reconcile the lost to God.

“As we evangelise, the crown of soul winners is made available unto us,” he added.

As he approached the conclusion of his presentation, he listed vital ways of making evangelism a lifestyle. These include travailing in prayer for the lost, developing passion and zeal for personal devotion, delighting in joining evangelism trips, and most importantly, attaching scriptures or gospel messages to our posts on social media to proclaim Jesus to our world.

He made a profound quote by John Knox; “Give me Scotland or I die.”

He urged Christians to also have this same desire and rise with boldness proclaiming similar chant, “Give me my Campus or I die.”

Pastor Isaac Donkor ended with a prayer for the youth to passionately and vigorously evangelise to win the lost.

Report by PENSA Ghana Secretariat Team

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