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Maintain Godly Companionship – Chairman Advises Youth

The Chairman of The Church of Pentecost and President of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council  (GPCC), Apostle Eric Nyamekye, has advised Christian youth to find and maintain godly companionship which will help them in their journey of life.

He said this when he delivered a sermon at the 2024 PENSA Ghana Conference on January 5, 2024 at the Pentecost Convention Centre, Gomoa-Fetteh.

Speaking to the topic: “Amnon Had A Friend”, he explored the consequences of misguided affections, particularly focusing on the story of Amnon and the subtle influence of his friend.

Apostle Nyamekye contrasted the destructive nature of lust with the sacrificial essence of love, pointing out the tragic impact of Amnon’s actions on his sister and the resulting discord among siblings.

“Lust is senseless and careless, while love subordinates feelings to value,” he stressed.

Quoting Proverbs 18:24, Apostle Nyamekye addressed the dual existence of “Jonadabs” (negative influences) and “Jonathans” (positive influences) in life.

He said that, “Jonadabs (bad friends) will take you out of the church, pull you out of your home, ruin your career, and be a destruction to you.”

He cautioned the youth to be people who fear God, walk with wisdom, and very diligent.

The sermon further explored the principles of choosing friends wisely, with biblical guidance from Psalm 119:63, Proverbs 13:20, and Proverbs 12:24.

Apostle Nyamekye encouraged, “The basic principle to apply when looking for a friend is to be a friend to all who fear the Lord.”

Throughout the sermon, the importance of being a friend of God was underscored, with references to 2 Chronicles 20:7, Exodus 33:11, and Jonah 2:8.

Apostle Nyamekye stressed, “God is looking for a certain person, a person of a good heart.”

In his closing remarks, Apostle Nyamekye commended the youth as the strength and future of the church.

“What makes you a strong Christian is when you cultivate a habit of praying yourself”, he encouraged.


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