Let’s Fight Secular Humanism With The Gospel Of Truth –Apostle Dr Koduah Tells Christians

The Teshie-Nungua Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Dr Alfred Koduah has called on society to refute Secular Humanistic ideals by teaching the unadulterated word of God.

“Hold on to their integrity, use the Bible to teach against Secular Humanism and create awareness among young people on the dangers of Secular Humanism,” he said.

Apostle Koduah said this when he spoke on the topic: “Secular Humanism” at the just-ended Teshie-Nungua Area Officers’ Retreat (Apostolisation), which took place from February 11 to 15, 2020 at the Fred Safo Memorial Temple at Nungua, Accra.

“All the lifestyles and deeds we are seeing in our days are philosophies which have come to dwell among us in our generation,” Apostle Koduah said, adding “We ought to sternly identify these philosophical changes so that we can overpower them and be able to take the nations for God.”

According to Apostle Dr Koduah, the prophecy which Apostle Paul prophesied in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 is greatly manifesting in society today.

He explained that philosophies of secular humanism include “Post Modernism,” where society accommodates anything and “Consumerism,” which compels people to disregard things they have in order to purchase new things all the time.

Other humanistic philosophies, he mentioned are “Hedonism” which is the desire to have fun always; “Narcissism” which is – self-gratification and flattery which sometimes make people expose their nudity on social media handles for likes and fame; and “Feminism,” a group of females who have risen to become like males and behave like men and neo-paganism which is the reincarnation of olden days paganism or idol worship.

“All these philosophies of secular humanism are what is reigning in our generation, and these have also made Christianity in our day difficult,” Apostle Koduah said.

The Teshie Nungua Area Head also said that teachings of Secular Humanism have resulted in disbelief in God, the afterlife and supernaturalism as well as disbelief in the Bible. “Again there is the issue of disbelief in Jesus Christ.: Rejection of absolute truth of nature for evolution, and rejection of the Biblical laws or teachings,” he added

According to him, Secular Humanism “teaches that every law set in government must not be Bible-based, rejects God’s institution of marriage; promotes secularisation of Christian Holidays and secularisation of weddings, funeral and other activities.”

“It also supports the concept of consenting adults in adultery and it strongly expresses disbelief in the institution of marriage,” he further explained.

Apostle Dr Koduah indicated that Secular humanism has impacted negatively on Christianity, promoting unrestrained sex, discrediting Christian values and beliefs as well as promoting abortion and sex among young children through Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and other institutions such as agencies under the United Nations.

Secular Humanism, he further explained, promotes moral relativism and rejection of absolute truth. He, therefore, urged Christians to propagate the truth of the Gospel in spite of the obstacles.

Apostle Dr Koduah also advised Christians to take an active part in politics and establish media outlets to propagate the truth to the world while strengthening various ministries to combat the philosophies of Secular humanism.

“We ought not to change the Good News of truth with which we give to the world to transform it for Christ,” he said.

Report by Pastor Fred Antwi & Isabella Gyau Orhin

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