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Let’s Emulate Apostle Ntumy’s Tenacity – Chairman Nyamekye To Christians

Retired former Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Dr. Michael Kwabena Ntumy’s tenacity and faith in God in the face of challenges and difficulties is legendary. He is one man of God, who has been through what can aptly be described as painful life experiences. But in all of the challenges he has been through, the former Chairman has not been heard publicly questioning God or slacking in his faith in God.

One typical example of his tenacious character and faith in God was his decision not to leave the flock in Liberia and return to a comfortable life in Ghana, citing the war; instead, he made that decision, which would have been very difficult for many a man of God to take – he stayed with the members of the church and went through the harrowing experience of war with them, to the extent that he came face-to-face with death, spending one hundred and sixty-five days in Flamingo, the popular camp of no return during the Liberian war.

Another demonstration of his faith in God is how he has given recognition to the goodness of God in his life, despite having been confined to an electronic wheelchair in the last fifteen years, after serving meritoriously as Chairman of The Church of Pentecost.

On the occasion of the retirement service of the former Chairman, the current Chairman of the church, Apostle Eric Kwabena Nyamekye paid glowing tribute to his staying power, urging the congregants and the wider Christian community to emulate the tenacity and staying power demonstrated by the former Chairman.

“We have seen the life of a man with such staying power and tenacity. As the preacher said, let us thank God for his life, let us recognize the goodness of the Lord.

“Today, we have been called upon to learn from the life of our dear apostle; that we will be able to suffer long, have the needed tenacity and staying power in times of difficulties and remember that, “God is still good; His goodness and love endure forever”, he asserted.

Chairman Nyamekye also eulogised Mrs. Martha Ntumy’s staying power; and not abandoning her husband to his fate, but sticking to him throughout the challenging times the former Chairman has faced in this life, saying, “in Ghana, the statistics on divorce between believers and non-believers is almost the same. What this means is that we lack staying power. Let us learn from Apostle Michael Kwabena Ntumy and his wife, Mrs. Martha Ntumy”, he urged.

Report by Elder David Tagoe

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