Kwahu for Christ” Film Outreach Records 20 Souls

Twenty residents of Aweregya in the Kwahu Traditional Area of Ghana responded to the call to receive Jesus Christ during a film evangelism exercise organised by the Evangelism Ministry of The Church of Pentecost at the Aweregya Community Park, yesterday.

The event, which was organised in collaboration with the Pra River District of the Church, is part of activities for the four-day Easter outreach in the Kwahu Traditional Area of Ghana.

Using a series of graphical footages, Elder Justice Kusi of the Evangelism Ministry Directorate shared the gospel message of Christ with residents of the community who had thronged the park.

He said that life on earth was too short and uncertain the reason why all must receive Christ, who offers life in abundance. Elder Kusi indicated that the world has nothing better to offer humanity except for tragedy, misery and misfortune.

He further explained that humankind is distinct from all other creations of God because they precious to Him. He said that the delicate nature of the birth process all point to the fact that God has high regard for them.

Elder Kusi, therefore, called on all who are yet to accept Christ to do so in order accomplish the purpose for which God created them.

He warned that every human being would one day account for their life on earth and, therefore, every individual must make the decision to either choose eternal life or eternal damnation.

Twenty of the onlookers responded to the altar call made by Elder Kusi, and were led to accept Christ by Elder Ebenezer Twum, Presiding Elder of the Aweregya Assembly.

The converts were each presented a Bible to aid their spiritual growth.


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